Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's Lesson (AKA Attention Ladies Who Want to Know About Calories)

Who said that a 21 month old can't teach us a good lesson about dieting and calories? My 21 month old has made me see the light, and now I'm going to share the lesson she taught me today to all of you! (You can thank me later). My husband is one of the Odyssey of the Mind coaches for the middle school (it's a competition team, they receive a problem, only the kids can solve it, they have a budget, they have a certain amount of time to solve it in... and so on). Since he's a nice coach, he spends our money, and buys the kids a snack (7 cans of Pringles, a couple boxes of popcorn, and 4 cases of soda later... I'm broke, but that's another post). And, since he spends so much money on snacks for his team, we don't have money to drive back and forth from school to the house then the house back to school to pick him up, so the kiddo and I just stay there with him (not really cuz of the snacks, I'm just cheap). After picking up my lovely little punkin, we went in to the room with all of the crazy children. (I do promise, this IS going somewhere... so stick with me). All of the crazy children were eating Pringles and drinking soda (of course), so the kiddo decides she wants a "cacker" (Pringle). I hand her one, and she scarfs it down (it was tasty because that is the first chip she's ever had). She asks politely for another one, and I oblige. But, this is where my child taught me a valuable lesson in dieting and calorie intake. She held the Pringle in her hand, and was walking around conversing with all of the students, and trying to take a ball away from them while holding a Pringle AND a Nunny (her bunny blanket) in her hands. So.... a few minutes later, she comes back and hands me the Pringle with just a few nibbles out of it, and I thought... oh that's wonderful, she doesn't like them! However, the Pringle was all wet and partially mushy. My genius child licked all of the yummy flavoring off of the chip, but didn't eat the actual chip. Do you know how many calories a day you can save yourself if you just lick your food instead of actually eat it? What a novel idea. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to lick my cereal, lick my pizza (weight watchers, of course), and lick my pork chop and baked potato. I still get all of the flavor, and just a portion of the calories! Now, aren't you glad that I enlightened you? :o)


Erica said...

So that's the trick that will help me lose all this weight! Thank you to your little girl! I will be thin from now on!

Grace said...

I miss the days of having soggy food handed back to me. They grow up too durn fast!!