Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday :o)

It's that time again! Theraputic Not ME! Mondays.... ahhhh the thought just brings a smile to my face. Here are the things I did NOT do this week~

* I did not skip church because my little princess has a really nasty bump on her "sum" from sucking it. Her "sum" hasn't been hurting her at all, and hasn't caused Mommy to be overly concerned :o(

* I totally didn't scarf down a Big Mac yesterday because I was craving one. And it totally didn't suck, either! Bleh!

* I haven't had 756 ounces of water in the last week, and I haven't been floating around my classroom every day.

* I don't want to spend money to get Gevalia Cafe coffee. Because I can't afford expensive things, and I'm not ridiculous enough to spend that much money on coffee because it's just so darn good!

* My 20 month old didn't stay up until 11pm Friday night because she was in an adorable mood. Her Mommy didn't want to play with her extra that night, so she went to bed on time, as always.

* Yesterday, I didn't spend an hour cutting thick, disgusting mats out of my dogs fur. He's a Pomeranian, and has the thickest fur, and it mats so easily. It doesn't drive me nuts when he has mats because it doesn't make his fur look all yucky!

* Usually I am a nice person, but 4 little kids didn't get on my every last nerve at the movie theater the other day because they were rude. I didn't wish that I could have taken their mother, and shake her like crazy, and make her realize that she needs to get her kids straight before taking them out in public.

*My 20 month old didn't flip out at Wal-Mart the other day, and scream loud enough for the entire store to hear her. Not all the way in the Lawn and Garden section... they didn't hear her shrill for a "ceweal bar".... and didn't know that she was wanting it immediately. I didn't have a ton of stares, and people didn't look at me like I was a horrible mother. :(

*I'm not doing this post at school (the kids are at recess and I have indoor duty today, so I do have an excuse)!!!

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Deborah said...

Ahh, let them stare. Just hold your head up and keep on shopping. Of course it doesn't hurt to pray that someday they will have an even more difficult child and feel terrible about the ugly look they gave you. I'm on my second high-strung child and you quickly learn to ignore the looks.

Loved your blog!