Sunday, August 31, 2008

According to.....

Jeff Gordon (the whiney racecar driver), I must not be a very good parent. Because, like every good parent he knows, he reads "every book there is" about raising a child. Well, I do read a good book. But, it's not exclusively about raising a child. It's called my BIBLE. I don't need any books to tell me how to be a good parent, because God is leading my way. I pray every single day that He gives me the ability to be the best mom I can possibly be to little Biz. So, I guess I suck as a mom in some peoples' eyes because I don't read up on every single issue there is dealing with children and parents. And I thought I was doing a pretty good job.....


I feel like total crud. I guess that's what I get for making my little kiddos miserable, and making them sit boy girl boy girl..... Hopefully my throat will be less bull-froggish by Tuesday cuz it's not going to be a pretty situation if it isn't!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy.......

And the seating chart goes on and on Girl Boy Girl Boy.... my kids HATE it, and I LOVE it. They also get to sit this exact way during lunch, too! The last 3 weeks of school have been horrifying, and I can't imagine what the next however many are going to be like if I don't buckle down and basically make them miserable until they decide to listen. Thank goodness for my 7-8 awesome ones, who unfortunately have to suffer due to the heinousness of their classmates. My worst little boy looked at me after they rearranged their desks and said, "You know, you really do know how to make a class miserable by doing this." And I said, "Well, that's what you get when you make a teacher miserable by being rude and disrespectful." He finally saw the light, and stated that he wouldn't want to have to deal with the things I've dealt with the last 3 weeks, either! Hopefully this will work. I also have other new behavior plans in place to start on Tuesday. If this doesn't work, I'm going to be blogging from a padded room. They'll have to let me have computer access because I'll be there for eternity after how crazy these kids drive me to be! AHHHHHHHHHHH

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was talking to one of my friends on AIM this evening. This particular friend just bought a house. It's a really nice house, and he got a great deal on it. While we were conversing, all of a sudden he says, " how do i get the smell of old people out of my house?" I was totally NOT expecting to have him ask me that question, and got quite a kick out of it. I have no clue... any suggestions to help him??

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hello, the name's Brianne, but you can call me Twitch. Unfortunately, I'm not crunk enough to be given the moniker "Twitch" like on So You Think You Can Dance (pictured to the left). I earned the name Twitch for another reason. My right eye has been twitch, twitch, twitching for the past 2 weeks... on and off throughout the entire day ALL. DAY. LONG. This is the first time it's ever happened, and I think it has one meaning. I really can't be that stressed, can I? These kids can't be getting to me that much... can they? After only 2.5 weeks... really??? All I know is that I'm ready to give my new addition to my face to someone else. It's annoying, and a total pain in the butt. It's basically driving me bonkers.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Raining It's Pouring....

After about 2 months (or maybe longer... seriously) with no rain..... it's FINALLY POURING AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Lord for quenching our dry, crisp ground! I pray that we have more rain very soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Transformation

We live in a small, Southern town. The county is large, and there are a lot of people in the county, but the actual town is relatively small. In our town, we have Old Money, middle class, and poverty stricken people. It's not very often that you see an expensive car... unless it's from the Old Money, or from a family that has someone who works in one of the two colleges in town. Yes, we have 2 colleges.... I don't get how such a small town has two colleges (and they're known nation wide), but we do. As I was saying, you don't see people driving huge expensive cars very often, and unless they are from the two groups mentioned above, we don't have very many preppy people, either.

Anyway, on the weekends, it amazes me and my husband because it's like the rich, stuck up, preppy, I'm better than you are, my crap doesn't stink kinda people take over our little town. Our town has a weekend transformation.... from regular, mundane people to Hollywoodesque people. It's fun to see where the license plates are from, and how many expensive cars are parked along the sidewalks. We always have Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Acura, and we've even had Bentleys. Our town has a huge name furniture store that has imports from all over the world. It's a really huge business in town, and there are a total of 10 buildings housing all of these expensive imports. It's kinda cool because some of the furniture is in old tobacco warehouses. My grandmother (who lives on the Pennsylvania/Ohio state border) heard someone in a beauty shop say that they were coming down here to go to this particular furniture store. It's a 10 1/2 hour drive. THAT'S NUTS. Why would you drive all that way for FURNITURE? Who would have thought such a small, gone in the blink of an eye town would bring all of these people to buy furniture?? It's quite an interesting thing to see!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diarrhea Mouth Part Deux

I decided to decipher the post about my entire classes coversations that have gone on all week long. Yes, some of them supposedly have eleven dogs... how that happens, I don't know! But, it's been an interesting 4 days to say the least!!

Here is the spaced out version... I just did it all rambled together because that is how they talk (seriously)

I have ten dogs five cats and two birds oh yeah well I have eleven dogs a ferret and three hamsters my dog knows all kinds of tricks and I take him outside oh yeah well I know how to do all kinds of string tricks well I can do more than you can do no you cant yes I can no you cant yes I can I ride dirt bikes and im going to be famous one day with riding my dirt bike and im going to be a millionaire oh yeah well I am going to be a lawyer and ill make more money than you do I live in a great big house bigger than anyones house in here I don’t know anything about myself mrs wolf can you please help me write something about myself my sister gets on my nerves and I really hate her I cant wait until Saturday because I am going to sleep in and nobody is going to wake me up early do we have homework tonight I really hope we don’t because I don’t want to do homework tonight I don’t want to do homework ever chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat

Hello Hola Tja Hallo Bonjour Guten Tag Aloha

I have seen on my ClustrMap that A LOT of people are checking my blog. This really excites me... like MAJORLY! Please, feel free to leave a comment, at least to say HELLO!. It would be awesome to see who is checking my blog, and where you are from. I'm really excited to see that people from Europe and Africa are visiting. Don't be shy.... take a minute to say what's up!! :o)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Bad Case of Diarrhea Mouth!

ihavetendogsfivecatsandtwobirdsohyeahwellihaveelevendogsaferretandthreehamstersmydogknowsallkindsoftricksanditakehimoutsideohyeahwelliknowhowtodoallkindsofstringtrickswellicandomorethanyoucandonoyoucantyesicannoyoucantyesicaniridedirtbikesandimgoingtobefamousonedaywithridingmydirtbikeandimgoingtobeamillionaireohyeahwelliamgoingtobealawyerandillmakemoremoneythanyoudoiliveinagreatbighousebiggerthananyoneshouseinhereidontknowhowanythigaboutmyselfmrswolfcanyoupleaehelpmewritesomethingaboutmyselfmysistergetsonmynervesandireallyhatehericantwaituntilsaturdaybecauseiamgoing tosleepinandnobodyisgoingtowakemeupearlydowehavehomeworktonightireallyhopewedontbecauseidontwanttodohomeworktonightidontwanttodohomeworkeverchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchat

All my class does is talk NON.STOP.ALL.DAY.LONG!!!!!!!!. I can't give them 5 words of instructions without being interrupted 20 times. And I have 178 LONG days to go!!! Guess the mean teacher is going to have to make her presence known because this is NOT going on all year long. I've had it up to the last tip of my hair, and I can't take anymore!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Keep Praying!

Please continue to pray for THIS FAMILY!! (The button on my sidebar with the Mama and 3 kiddos also leads to their blog) Their baby boy, Stellan's heart has been going through a period where it's beating a lot better for the last 38 1/2 hours. Pray for a miracle for their unborn baby boy! <3

Friday, August 8, 2008

And It Starts... Before It Even Began!

Last night was our Open House for students and parents to come meet their new teacher, get the class supply list, find out the expectations, and ask any questions they have about the upcoming year. During the Open House, I got to meet one of the boys that is in my room this year. Things started out interesting, and got even more interesting today. This semi-tall child walks in to my room with two hand fulls of food (yes, two hand fulls), which immediately drew me to the belly that he has on him, and the food/drink all down the front of him. I saw him around school last year, and he seemed to be a little bit of a trouble maker. We always ask the students who their previous teacher was so we can run to them the next day, and get all of the pertinent information for the year ahead (did they listen, talk too much, cause too much trouble, are they a good helper... etc). Well, after the lady that brought him in informed that he was a *bit* of a behavior problem (ohhhh great), I made sure to catch his former teacher this morning to get the low down on what my year was going to be like with this child in my room. She told me that he actually is a good kid, a different kind of breed, but a good kid, all in all. He won't do his homework, is completely disorganized, but is a good kid (such a relief).

Now, the fun part (I'm sure you'll be hearing plenty of stories about this kiddo all year long)....... this child enjoys using a whisper reader while he is reading (it's a device that goes in to the child's ear then wraps down around to their mouth so when they read, they can hear what they are saying, and catch any mistakes they are making). This child happens to LOVE his whisper reader for more than one reason. He uses it to read (obviously) ~ he named it Porter ~ but, he also likes to use it to have conversations with ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE (not real people, either). He's had convo's with SpongeBob, Spider Man, and many other characters. The scary thing is, every character answers him back, and he has a grand time laughing and giggling with the characters he is talking to (all which would be during class time when he should be working). While the principal was in the room last year, he used it as a parascope, and yelled at all of the people he *saw* standing on the other side of the lens of his parascope. Another teacher walked in, acted like it's a phone and said "Hello, oh yes, why Z is right here, wait a minute" He handed the phone to Z, and Z picked it up and was like "Oh, hey, how are you? Yeah, I am great... well I'll see you later"

So... the fun-ness of my school year has already started... before it even began (the kids come Monday) Oy vey!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Necklaces that I am getting :o)

So... I have become a HUGE Lisa Leonard (click her name to go to her site) fan! She has such amazing stuff. I have decided that each month, I will be purchasing a new necklace that I wish to own. Plus, the middle of this month, she's creating a necklace that I sorta designed, and asked her to put together; and I think (note I said think) other people are going to be able to purchase it, also.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Power of Prayer

This family (click on the words "this family" to see their blog) needs prayer for their precious baby. Please join me in praying for them!! Our God is an awesome God, and He is able to perform great miracles. Please, pray for a miracle for baby Stellan!!