Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diarrhea Mouth Part Deux

I decided to decipher the post about my entire classes coversations that have gone on all week long. Yes, some of them supposedly have eleven dogs... how that happens, I don't know! But, it's been an interesting 4 days to say the least!!

Here is the spaced out version... I just did it all rambled together because that is how they talk (seriously)

I have ten dogs five cats and two birds oh yeah well I have eleven dogs a ferret and three hamsters my dog knows all kinds of tricks and I take him outside oh yeah well I know how to do all kinds of string tricks well I can do more than you can do no you cant yes I can no you cant yes I can I ride dirt bikes and im going to be famous one day with riding my dirt bike and im going to be a millionaire oh yeah well I am going to be a lawyer and ill make more money than you do I live in a great big house bigger than anyones house in here I don’t know anything about myself mrs wolf can you please help me write something about myself my sister gets on my nerves and I really hate her I cant wait until Saturday because I am going to sleep in and nobody is going to wake me up early do we have homework tonight I really hope we don’t because I don’t want to do homework tonight I don’t want to do homework ever chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat


Grace said...

My new backgrounds are coming from "The Cutest Blog on the Block"! If you go to my blog, there is a button that links to their site in the top left hand corner of the page! There's a bunch there! The nice thing is that you don't lose anything when you change your background like you do with the PYZAM ones. I got tired of having to put my links back in everytime I changed it. With this site, everything stays the same!

Grace said...

Go to your layout page with the add and arrange page elements title. Click on "Add a Gadget", scroll down to HTML/Javascript, click on it, then put code into big box (nothing in small narrow box at the top)! Hit save and it should be done!!