Friday, August 8, 2008

And It Starts... Before It Even Began!

Last night was our Open House for students and parents to come meet their new teacher, get the class supply list, find out the expectations, and ask any questions they have about the upcoming year. During the Open House, I got to meet one of the boys that is in my room this year. Things started out interesting, and got even more interesting today. This semi-tall child walks in to my room with two hand fulls of food (yes, two hand fulls), which immediately drew me to the belly that he has on him, and the food/drink all down the front of him. I saw him around school last year, and he seemed to be a little bit of a trouble maker. We always ask the students who their previous teacher was so we can run to them the next day, and get all of the pertinent information for the year ahead (did they listen, talk too much, cause too much trouble, are they a good helper... etc). Well, after the lady that brought him in informed that he was a *bit* of a behavior problem (ohhhh great), I made sure to catch his former teacher this morning to get the low down on what my year was going to be like with this child in my room. She told me that he actually is a good kid, a different kind of breed, but a good kid, all in all. He won't do his homework, is completely disorganized, but is a good kid (such a relief).

Now, the fun part (I'm sure you'll be hearing plenty of stories about this kiddo all year long)....... this child enjoys using a whisper reader while he is reading (it's a device that goes in to the child's ear then wraps down around to their mouth so when they read, they can hear what they are saying, and catch any mistakes they are making). This child happens to LOVE his whisper reader for more than one reason. He uses it to read (obviously) ~ he named it Porter ~ but, he also likes to use it to have conversations with ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE (not real people, either). He's had convo's with SpongeBob, Spider Man, and many other characters. The scary thing is, every character answers him back, and he has a grand time laughing and giggling with the characters he is talking to (all which would be during class time when he should be working). While the principal was in the room last year, he used it as a parascope, and yelled at all of the people he *saw* standing on the other side of the lens of his parascope. Another teacher walked in, acted like it's a phone and said "Hello, oh yes, why Z is right here, wait a minute" He handed the phone to Z, and Z picked it up and was like "Oh, hey, how are you? Yeah, I am great... well I'll see you later"

So... the fun-ness of my school year has already started... before it even began (the kids come Monday) Oy vey!