Saturday, September 26, 2009


i am so excited. i have been looking for a bookshelf for my munchkin's room for such a long time. her daddy wanted to build her one, but mommy vetoed that idea (if you would have ever experienced him putting something together that had all the pieces cut so he just had to add nails/screws and witnessing that catastrophe, you would have totally vetoed the whole building from-scratch thing, too. trust me). i wanted something pretty and nice, and that would also fit the ten million books the child has. she also has little collectible things that i have wanted to sit out, too. everywhere seemed so expensive, and a small hand-made shelf would have been $60. and the pre-fab things are kinda cruddy. i went to this cute little crafty/antique store today, and scored. big.time. i found two bookshelves, and they are pretty. the shelves are big enough for her books, her little collectible things will look really nice on them, and there are doors at the bottom with shelves underneath for storage (and her shoes). they didn't have a price on them, so i asked the lady if they were for sale. at first, she said they weren't, but they were actually her own and she was thinking of selling them. i asked the price, and waited with baited breath while she was deciding how much she would charge me for one/both of them. when she told me the price, my jaw hit the floor. she told me they would be $70 a piece. two gorgeous bookshelves for $140 is not bad at all. i'm already contemplating and planning how i'm going to decorate them, and where her little knick knacks will be placed. i'll also put a pic up of them as soon as i get home. yay!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Morning, Knuckle Head!

my big love and little love were teasing each other this morning. their conversation went something like this ~

a ~ "good morning, knuckle head. how are you?"

m ~ "i not a knuckle head, i'm a big girl"

a ~ "nope, you're a knuckle head"

m ~"daddy, i not a knuckle head. you no call me dat name. it's not nice. you no call names. it is a no no. you will go to time out, misser"

a ~ "i still think you're a knuckle head"

m ~ "daddy, you get a spanking. you no call names"

so, she proceeded to give him a spanking, and told him to go sit in time out because he was not being a very nice boy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LiTtLe SwEeT tHaNg <3

my princess has had to come in to the bathroom while i am in the shower the last two mornings to give me a kiss, say good morning, and tell me she "wuvs" me.... how sweet. i love that kid more and more each day it's unbelievable. she rocks.

she does other sweet stuff every day, too. she loves to give hugs, kisses, snuggles, and "i wuv you"'s out like they're going out of style... melt. my. heart.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Itchy B@*$*!y 'Pider

my last post talked about what silly things come out of my munchkin's mouth. i love hearing her talk because she has such a cute, little munchkin voice, and she says things that are sooo funny. well... i was in the computer room the other day being a bad mom on facebook instead of tending to my child (i don't have to admit that, right?), and she was walking around the house singing. she loves to sing, which that is even an understatement. she will even sing what she is having for dinner. so, back to the other day walking around the house... she's singing, and all of a sudden my husband comes to the door and goes, "stop what you're doing and listen to her... just be really quiet and hear what she is saying". so i quit what i was doing, perked my ears up really well, and listened. the next thing i hear out of her mouth is "da itchy bitchy 'pider goed up da wawer 'pout... down camed da rain and wassed a 'pider out... out camed da sun and dried up aww da rain and da itchy bitchy 'pider goed up da pout again.... yaaaayyy!" so i know it looks like she hears swearing at home. she doesn't... i promise. usually she sings it the "issy bissy 'pider", but i guess it was itchy and bitchy the other day. any way, it was hysterical and i think we both laughed until we cried.

another thing she says that makes it sound like we swear around her is she calls ice cream "ass cream".... we live in VA, and the kiddo is picking up on some of the southern accent. i'm trying to get her to not do that, but when she looks at you and says, "can i have some ass cream palease?" it makes you want to dig out the preparation h and say "here's the ass cream, honey, have fun". my dad has told her that he didn't have any at home, but when he got some at the store, he'd share with her.

i swear i love love love love love love love love lover her.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


my child says things on a daily basis that crack me up and make me smile. here are two she said today that made both myself and my husband laugh

she told us she had to poop on the potty.... after she got the job done she looks in the toilet and goes

"oh, that poop is AMAZING!"

ok, kid... i didn't know that, but at least you're excited aboug going on the potty!

a little while later she was helping her daddy look for turkey burger in the freezer to make some spaghetti. her dad said that he couldn't find the turkey burger so she goes

"i sink (think) the turkey burger is flying way hup in the sky"

did you know that turkey burger flies way hup in the sky? yeah, neither did i.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sad Mommy List Style

this past weekend we went to pennsylvania to visit both of our families. my mom and i also went shopping for clothes and shoes for my munchkin. i LOVE to shop there because my parents have outlets near them (can you say carters, childrens place, and gymboree stuff for CHEAP?!), and there's no sales tax. woo hoo. but, over the course of our shopping excursion, i went from being an excited, happy mommy to a sad, depressed mommy. here is why that progression went the way it did:

*my baby's foot grew a size and a half in a matter of 4 months... she started out the summer in a 6 1/2 and we bought a size 8 saturday! yikes!!
* i'm no longer able to shop for clothes with the word months after the number size, it now has to be a T after the number size. boo
* the toddler section of carters doesn't have an entire matching outfit on one hanger. you have to buy individual pieces then match them together. on the little kid side, a cute shirt and pants or leggings that match come on one hanger. plus, the younger kids outfits are so.much.cuter.
* unfortunately, it really hit me that my baby isn't so much a baby anymore... she's progressing in to a little girl right before my eyes. i want it to stop, but i can't make that happen...
* all in all this weekend basically made me want to bawl my eyes out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buckwheat Otay Pillow

I have been having problems with my shoulders and neck for a while because of how I sleep. I've tried numerous pillows, and none of them seem to relieve the pain that I feel from sleeping incorrectly. I also toss and turn all night long, which leaves me exhausted in the morning.

My wonderful husband told me to try a buckwheat pillow. I went online, and about passed out at the prices of them. But, I did some research and saw that they were supposed to be wonderful. I got one, and it came yesterday. It sounds weird, but I can already tell a difference. My shoulders don't hurt as much, and I didn't toss and turn all night long. I think I rolled over like 3 times.

My pillow is filled with these little hulls from the buckwheat flower. The smell of them alone is wonderful! They conform to your neck, head, and shoulders, and give you such good support! Everything from the hulls to the muslin pillowcase is 100% organic. The pillow is also supposed to last 10 years!! You can add and remove the hulls (you just store them in a ziploc back until you want to add more to your pillow) to fit your comfort level. I took out 2 gallon ziploc bags, and it worked well. I may end up taking out another one, but I'll have to wait and see. Another plus is that it's like a natural insulator, which means in the summer it keeps you cool and in the winter it keeps you warm. Supposedly air circulates around the little hulls which prevents them from compacting together like fiber filled pilllows. It's seriously totally different.

And, to top it off, I got a free lavender sachet to put in my pillow. I woke up smelling like lavender, and it was divine. The store I got mine from also has chamomile, but I found one at another store that has mint and other herbs that help your nasal passages open up when you have a cold; so I think I'll eventually get some of them, too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can't Wait

Last night was the first time in a while that we got to sleep with our AC off, windows wide open, and the fans going. It was freezing in our bedroom, and it was GLORIOUS! Oh, I love and cherish this time of year! This fall I am excited because our little one is finally old enough to understand about things that happen outside (she'll love the changing of the leaves, and will giggle with delight over the big harvest moon b/c we already have to go outside each night before she goes down for bed to see if the moon is a circle or a crescent; so the huge harvest moon will totally make her day), she will flip when we go on a hayride and choose a pumpkin to carve and visit the petting zoo, and will love going trick-or-treating. Seriously.. this is the best season EVER. I could have it be fall all year and would never get sick of it.
Break out the coats, long sleeved shirts, pants, cinnamon scented everything, throws to keep warm, fall decorations, fall colors, cool, crisp air, apple cider, pumpkins, witches, goblins, and ghosts, huge moons... oohhhh I cannot wait!!


when the other two classes i am teaching this year came in without their homework, i heard every excuse in the book. then i got the question, "well, if we do our homework at lunch, can't we just skip owing you recess and go outside to play?" my answer: no way. what did they do? they went to their homeroom teacher, said that they didn't do their homework and asked her if they could do it at lunch then go to recess. her answer: yes. ughhh! then i got to play the bad guy and make them stay in for recess after she vetoed me. i think they need to learn responsibility, and that they cannot get off scott-free when they don't do their homework. in my opinion that is unacceptable, and it is only teaching them bad habits. i did the right thing, right? back me up here!! :o)