Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Morning, Knuckle Head!

my big love and little love were teasing each other this morning. their conversation went something like this ~

a ~ "good morning, knuckle head. how are you?"

m ~ "i not a knuckle head, i'm a big girl"

a ~ "nope, you're a knuckle head"

m ~"daddy, i not a knuckle head. you no call me dat name. it's not nice. you no call names. it is a no no. you will go to time out, misser"

a ~ "i still think you're a knuckle head"

m ~ "daddy, you get a spanking. you no call names"

so, she proceeded to give him a spanking, and told him to go sit in time out because he was not being a very nice boy.


Erica said...

So cute! My hubby thinks it's great to teach my 19 month old to spank my bum! Uh, as long as it doesn't last!