Friday, June 12, 2009

My Life in Fast Forward

The last two weeks have been crazy to say the least... here's kind of how they went ~

* school ended ~ yay!
* i created the benchmark tests and curriculum for next year (extra money... not complaining)
* had a couple days off
* our computer crashed with two viruses... boooo!
* went to amish country to visit family
* went to my dad's churches picnic
* took the munchkin to inner harbor to the national aquarium with my parents... a blast
* play date with some little girls at my dad's church
* visiting with the other set of grand-parentals
* long drive home
* found out today that our insane psycho freak superintendent resigned and is now going to be gracing some poor school in new york with her presence... good riddance to her and good luck to them
* found out the whole april rose thing was a scam... such a sad thing to hear, but feel worse for the girl who thought she needed to do that to get attention
* no more "eff you's" from the kiddo... whew, and yay!
* and i deff need to get back on board with the whole workout thing... eating like crap the last two weeks has done me not an ounce of good
* the hubster set up a make-shift computer using odds and ends parts from the 3 old computers we had sitting around... it's slow, but it works for now until we can get our new one fixed
* potty training officially starts monday ~ wish us luck!
* hopefully the bathroom reno. will begin soon-ish!

now i'll be able to update more often *hopefully*!