Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas... List Style

Because I absolutely love lists... ok well, it may be more of an obsession, but that doesn't matter... I am going to tell about our Christmas in the form of a *list*. Our Christmas went something like this ~ {and, no, I am not using proper caps in my list... surprised? based on all my previous posts, i didn't think so}

* we had Christmas at our house first, and it was O.K... the munchkin got the most excited about a box. however, she asked for a box, so i guess she had the right to be excited about getting one. the excitement level was rather disappointing, though, for mommy and daddio
* she finally got that Christmas is Jesus' birthday, but she likes to throw in that He was also born in feb. just like her
* she got a horse... no, it wasn't a real horse, but if it was up to my dad, it totally would have been real.
* every time she got clothes, she threw them behind her head kind of like ralphie and randy in the movie A Christmas Story. for being two {ok, she's almost three, but i don't have to admit that yet, because she's not three for another two months} it was pretty funny
* her favorite favorite gift was a "white sing (thing)"... that white sing was, in fact, a white box that housed the clothes she tossed after she opened them... yes, i am serious. the white sing got the biggest reaction. she's nuts.
* my husband said (out loud) when he saw a deer on the side of the road while driving that it was a huge giraffe. no, he wasn't drinking. and no, i have no clue what in the heck is wrong with him. yes, he really did this.
* i am always so happy to get back to my own bed after sleeping at my parents house. they have a queen size bed, but their mattress is like 90 years old and it
* we have decided that we are keeping the house 100% clean... coming home to a semi-messy house sucked
* this was the best Christmas so far because our girl had fun, she semi gets the whole reason for Christmas, she loved the lights, and it was just a pretty rockin time.

the end.

PS ~ you can thank me for finally doing another post :o)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've got the *itch* so badly.... I want to smell another newborn head, snuggle tight with a teeny baby, hear newborn squeaks, and all the glorious things that come with having a newborn. Sigh... the itch is gonna have to wait another couple years.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Power Paint Sprayer When Prunes Attack

We went to the peds. last night amidst a nice snow storm because our munchkin had a pretty high fever (101.5... and we found out she has strep). While we were there getting all of that figured out, we also talked to the doc. about some issues with going potty. We've been using Activia, but it still just hadn't been doing the trick, and it was getting to the point that she wasn't going because she knew it would hurt. So, the ped. suggested giving her either a couple prunes, some dates, prune juice, or even baby food prunes. Daddy went to the store today in the blizzard, and got some cherry flavored dates. We told the munch that they were "big raisins" because she wasn't sure about them at first. After she tried them she LOVED them. She had a couple, and then we had to take them off of her because we knew having too much would cause a total explosion. So...... a little while later, she had to hurry and go tinkle, she bent over to pull her pants/panties down, ripped one, and sprayed the wall in the bathroom brown. literally. I guess the prunes worked! :o)

Monday, December 14, 2009


this is such a joyous time of year~ Jesus' birth and concentrating on Him, family, traditions, the carols, the lights, the trees, the presents, and yes, even Ho Ho....this time also brings thoughts of what the new year will bring, and all of the resolutions that will be made. i always give my "resolutions" a lot of thought, and try to think of some "really good" things to accomplish throughout the new year. my intentions are always there.... in the beginning. i always have the intention to lose weight, to get healthy, to do more housework, to put more of myself in to every roll i play.... Christian, wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, etc. however, my intentions seem to lose steam pretty quickly, and i end up accomplishing very little of my "i need to" list. this year, i'm doing things a little different. i have one thing i am focusing on. it's not a resolution. it's not a goal. it's a must, a want, and a desire. and with this being my only focus, the rest of the other stuff will fall in to place naturally. this year i am solely concentrating on putting God number one in my life. don't get me wrong, that is always what i want, but i get a little lost along the way sometimes. i get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, my job, my family, my second job, being lazy, our financial situation, trying to get healthy. all of that would fall in to place and be where it needs to be if only i would concentrate on Him. this year, i am making it my absolute priority to focus on God... to talk to Him more, to love Him more, to seek Him more, to hear Him more, to follow Him more, to feel Him more, to see Him more, and to need Him more. the rest of the stuff is just that... it's stuff (well, besides my family, obviously)... and all that stuff needs to be pushed back, and concentrated on a little less. yes, i do my devotions, i pray, and i tell my girl about her awesome Heavenly Father... but i want more. so there you have it.... my wonderful, amazing, stupendous journey for 2010. a little more God wouldn't hurt any of us.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

fish stick

have i mentioned before that my princess is indeed a princess? she is so girly and absolutely adores everything that goes with being a girl... sparkly clothes and nails, babydolls, dresses, pretties in her hair, make up... so lately she has a new obsession, and we had a little conversation about it. it went something like this:

M- hey, mama, my lips are so.dry. i sink i need to find my fish stick
Me - you need what?
M - ugh.. mama, my fish stick i have (dramatic hand motions inserted here) very very very dry lips
Me- oh! you mean your purple fish stick... didn't you leave it on the couch last night when you went to bed?
M - oh, yes, i sink i did. let me go check, k? yup, i found my purple fish stick. dank you for helping me finda my fish stick.

- she proceeds to put a layer on, take a lick, put another layer on, take a lick -

M - hey, mama, i sink you need some fish stick, too. you lips are (dramatic hand motions inserted here, too) very very very very dry. just like mines. yup. we da same.
Me - oh, honey, mommy's lips are fine. i don't think i need any fish stick right now, but thank you so much for asking me if i would like some. it was very kind of you to offer to share with me.
M- no, mama, you need some fish stick. i sayed you lips are very very very dry. don't say me no, you need some.
Me - ok, i guess you can give mommy some fish stick, too

- she proceeds to pile slimy, disgusting fish stick all over my lips and surrounding areas on my face-

M - dere you go, mama. dat's better. now you no have dry lips any more. you say dank you now to me.
Me - thank you so much, baby. my lips feel much.better. now that i have fish stick on them.
M - yeah, sure, you welcome. okay, i need more fish stick now. my lips are all dry again

- she proceeds to pile on a layer, take a lick, pile on a layer, take a lick, pile on a layer, take a nice big bite -

she's too cute

Monday, December 7, 2009

good guy

i have been blessed with an absolutely amazing husband. there are so many women in the world that unfortunately cannot say they have a husband who loves them for who and what they are, and who tries his absolute hardest every day to take care of them and do as much as he can for them. my husband puts in 150% effort every day to take care of me, and our little munchkin. he cooks, cleans, does laundry, and watches our munch on the weekends when i work my second job(s). he lets me sleep in each morning and packs my lunch for me, and does little things all the time to show that he loves taking care of his girls. yes, there are bad times (sometimes way more than i like to admit), we fight, get on each other's nerves, and aren't always the nicest we can possibly be to each other. but, at the end of the day, i fall more in love with him and i thank God for blessing me by giving him to me forever. i have a good guy, and i'm so thankful for him! <3

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say What, Say What?

The munchkin was telling me something on the way to her doctor's appointment yesterday morning. I'll tell you what she said, and you try and guess to see if you can get it right ~

"Hey, mama, police ma-mi-mad" It took me forever to figure it out, but I got it eventually.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Things You Learn {from a DoOdLeBuG}

amidst the hectic craziness of my life recently, there are some things i've missed that are going on around our house. thank goodness i have my little doodlebug to fill me in on the happenings my brain has not figured out. tonight i found out ~

* our house has a rainforest. it must be amongst the clutter somewhere; which means i'll probably never find it. but it sounds pretty rad.

* we eat sockies, hankies, shoes, and pants for dinner.... all served up on a cardboard plate. yummy.

* she has now become the boss. not mommy or daddy, the doodlebug is the boss.

* tissues are for snotty noses and kleenex are for when you use the potty. how stupid of me not to know the difference. for real.

* she has a big esnorbus spider living in her bedroom. so glad her daddy didn't see the esnorbus spider cuz he would have fainted.

those are some pretty big things i missed. especially the rainforest. i'm ready to see a macaw or monkey swoop down at me at some point. i'll let you know as soon as that happens. :o) and, the sockies, shoes, and hankies for dinner will help me get this extra pound-age off really quickly, too. which totally rocks.