Monday, December 14, 2009


this is such a joyous time of year~ Jesus' birth and concentrating on Him, family, traditions, the carols, the lights, the trees, the presents, and yes, even Ho Ho....this time also brings thoughts of what the new year will bring, and all of the resolutions that will be made. i always give my "resolutions" a lot of thought, and try to think of some "really good" things to accomplish throughout the new year. my intentions are always there.... in the beginning. i always have the intention to lose weight, to get healthy, to do more housework, to put more of myself in to every roll i play.... Christian, wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, etc. however, my intentions seem to lose steam pretty quickly, and i end up accomplishing very little of my "i need to" list. this year, i'm doing things a little different. i have one thing i am focusing on. it's not a resolution. it's not a goal. it's a must, a want, and a desire. and with this being my only focus, the rest of the other stuff will fall in to place naturally. this year i am solely concentrating on putting God number one in my life. don't get me wrong, that is always what i want, but i get a little lost along the way sometimes. i get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, my job, my family, my second job, being lazy, our financial situation, trying to get healthy. all of that would fall in to place and be where it needs to be if only i would concentrate on Him. this year, i am making it my absolute priority to focus on God... to talk to Him more, to love Him more, to seek Him more, to hear Him more, to follow Him more, to feel Him more, to see Him more, and to need Him more. the rest of the stuff is just that... it's stuff (well, besides my family, obviously)... and all that stuff needs to be pushed back, and concentrated on a little less. yes, i do my devotions, i pray, and i tell my girl about her awesome Heavenly Father... but i want more. so there you have it.... my wonderful, amazing, stupendous journey for 2010. a little more God wouldn't hurt any of us.