Thursday, December 10, 2009

fish stick

have i mentioned before that my princess is indeed a princess? she is so girly and absolutely adores everything that goes with being a girl... sparkly clothes and nails, babydolls, dresses, pretties in her hair, make up... so lately she has a new obsession, and we had a little conversation about it. it went something like this:

M- hey, mama, my lips are so.dry. i sink i need to find my fish stick
Me - you need what?
M - ugh.. mama, my fish stick i have (dramatic hand motions inserted here) very very very dry lips
Me- oh! you mean your purple fish stick... didn't you leave it on the couch last night when you went to bed?
M - oh, yes, i sink i did. let me go check, k? yup, i found my purple fish stick. dank you for helping me finda my fish stick.

- she proceeds to put a layer on, take a lick, put another layer on, take a lick -

M - hey, mama, i sink you need some fish stick, too. you lips are (dramatic hand motions inserted here, too) very very very very dry. just like mines. yup. we da same.
Me - oh, honey, mommy's lips are fine. i don't think i need any fish stick right now, but thank you so much for asking me if i would like some. it was very kind of you to offer to share with me.
M- no, mama, you need some fish stick. i sayed you lips are very very very dry. don't say me no, you need some.
Me - ok, i guess you can give mommy some fish stick, too

- she proceeds to pile slimy, disgusting fish stick all over my lips and surrounding areas on my face-

M - dere you go, mama. dat's better. now you no have dry lips any more. you say dank you now to me.
Me - thank you so much, baby. my lips feel much.better. now that i have fish stick on them.
M - yeah, sure, you welcome. okay, i need more fish stick now. my lips are all dry again

- she proceeds to pile on a layer, take a lick, pile on a layer, take a lick, pile on a layer, take a nice big bite -

she's too cute