Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Things You Learn {from a DoOdLeBuG}

amidst the hectic craziness of my life recently, there are some things i've missed that are going on around our house. thank goodness i have my little doodlebug to fill me in on the happenings my brain has not figured out. tonight i found out ~

* our house has a rainforest. it must be amongst the clutter somewhere; which means i'll probably never find it. but it sounds pretty rad.

* we eat sockies, hankies, shoes, and pants for dinner.... all served up on a cardboard plate. yummy.

* she has now become the boss. not mommy or daddy, the doodlebug is the boss.

* tissues are for snotty noses and kleenex are for when you use the potty. how stupid of me not to know the difference. for real.

* she has a big esnorbus spider living in her bedroom. so glad her daddy didn't see the esnorbus spider cuz he would have fainted.

those are some pretty big things i missed. especially the rainforest. i'm ready to see a macaw or monkey swoop down at me at some point. i'll let you know as soon as that happens. :o) and, the sockies, shoes, and hankies for dinner will help me get this extra pound-age off really quickly, too. which totally rocks.