Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas... List Style

Because I absolutely love lists... ok well, it may be more of an obsession, but that doesn't matter... I am going to tell about our Christmas in the form of a *list*. Our Christmas went something like this ~ {and, no, I am not using proper caps in my list... surprised? based on all my previous posts, i didn't think so}

* we had Christmas at our house first, and it was O.K... the munchkin got the most excited about a box. however, she asked for a box, so i guess she had the right to be excited about getting one. the excitement level was rather disappointing, though, for mommy and daddio
* she finally got that Christmas is Jesus' birthday, but she likes to throw in that He was also born in feb. just like her
* she got a horse... no, it wasn't a real horse, but if it was up to my dad, it totally would have been real.
* every time she got clothes, she threw them behind her head kind of like ralphie and randy in the movie A Christmas Story. for being two {ok, she's almost three, but i don't have to admit that yet, because she's not three for another two months} it was pretty funny
* her favorite favorite gift was a "white sing (thing)"... that white sing was, in fact, a white box that housed the clothes she tossed after she opened them... yes, i am serious. the white sing got the biggest reaction. she's nuts.
* my husband said (out loud) when he saw a deer on the side of the road while driving that it was a huge giraffe. no, he wasn't drinking. and no, i have no clue what in the heck is wrong with him. yes, he really did this.
* i am always so happy to get back to my own bed after sleeping at my parents house. they have a queen size bed, but their mattress is like 90 years old and it
* we have decided that we are keeping the house 100% clean... coming home to a semi-messy house sucked
* this was the best Christmas so far because our girl had fun, she semi gets the whole reason for Christmas, she loved the lights, and it was just a pretty rockin time.

the end.

PS ~ you can thank me for finally doing another post :o)