Saturday, January 2, 2010

MoNsTeRs AnD GoAtS ~ oH mY!

from the time she was two months old, my girl has been an amazing sleeper.... and amazing is putting it rather lightly. yes, i was blessed enough to have my two-month-old sleep entirely through the night. there have been numerous times when my husband and i have thought our girl loves her bed more than anything else because she hits the sack without a hitch. we tell her it's time for bed or a nap, she puts her thumb in her mouth, gets all cozied up, and lays down amidst all of her stuffed animals that overrun her crib. (and she knows every single animal that resides in that crib of hers... don't even try to take one out because when she takes inventory of her friends and one is missing.... watch out!) she lays in her crib and reads, sings, plays with her dolls, and keeps herself content; half the time we don't know she's awake because she's busy playing or relaxing. it's quite cute.

but, i guess all good things have to come to an end at some point in time {hopefully this won't last long} because the last couple nights we've put her to bed or down for a nap, she screams, wails, hollers, and acts just plain scared. we haven't been able to figure out what was up except for she didn't want the door in her room to be closed or wanted us to stay with her while she sleeps. finally last night, she told us that there are monsters and goats (ghosts) in her room, and that she is really, really scared to be in the dark by herself. i personally think it's a little young to be having those issues at the age of not-quite-three. we told her that Jesus is keeping her safe, and that mommy, daddy, and coley wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. she didn't cry, and we thought that was the end of it, but as soon as she woke up again she started talking about monsters and goats. it's kind of weird because her CD player will just randomly play and other things have happened in the house that freak me out just a bit. but i can't think of that kind of stuff or else we'll be looking for a new house and in this recession i don't think that's gonna happen. so tonight, we're going to do devotions with her and pray before she goes to bed, which is something i've wanted to do for a while anyway... and this opportunity presented itsself to kick me in the hiney and get me on the ball. her having a firm belief in the Great Protector and the fact that He loves her and keeps her safe should help.

i'm hoping and praying that this works out and gets resolved soon. do you have any thoughts or suggestions? is she too young to be having these issues or am i just crazy? have your kids had monster or ghost issues? if so, what did you do to make them go away? i'm kind of frustrated and freaked out at the same time. hopefully our monsters and goats will go away. soon.