Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thankful in the form of a *LIST* :o)

I am thankful for:

*a God that loves, protects, provides, and saves
* an amazing, wonderful, studpendous husband... he's seriously the best... and he's an awesome daddy, too
* the cutest munch in the land (she's nuts, but she's mine)
* a wonderful family
* my cute, furry pomeranian... i (heart) him more than a person should love their dog
* the fact that i get to see my family more than a couple of times a year (i often struggle with this when i really miss my mom, but i do get to see my parents a lot more than other people do, so i need to realize that i am fortunate for that)
* extra jobs so i can provide for my family (even when i don't want to work 20 hours in one weekend, and would rather be with my fam and in church... i'm still thankful i have these two extra jobs)
* my house... no matter how cluttered and disorganized it gets, i have a house that keeps me warm
* the fact that our eyes were opened... rather wide, i must add... to the fact that we are spending between $350-$450 more a month on food (groceries, going out to eat, etc) a month than our alotted amount in our monthly budget... that's gonna help a whole lot!
* the fact that my little nasty bubble on my eye decided to fix itsself so i didn't have to have the opthamologist cut it off *ick* and *OUCH*
* the fact that we've really taken a beating (mentally) and have realized that we need to make some changes financially because there is no reason why we are in the situation at hand
* i should be able to go down to one extra kid and not two by this summer, the latest probably the fall (we think.. and i hope)
* after this happens, even if it's not for another 6 more months or so, i'll be able to spend more time with my family and go back to church... yay!
* that all of my "problems" pale in comparison to millions of those around me... i whine and complain, and let it all get me down, but in reality, my life doesn't suck that badly... it's actually pretty darn good... and if we made wiser decisions, it would be a whole lot better... we are all healthy (mostly.. hopefully the kiddo's immune system strengthens soon, and the kidney stones go away)... we have the most amazing kiddo ... we are all happy... we have jobs ... a nice house ... wonderful families ... an amazing God that sees us through each and every situation ... we are really blessed, in all actuality.

the list ends here... for now :o)

PS.. can you say Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover" PRONTO?!?! ~ live like no other!