Sunday, January 10, 2010

There isn't One

Lately, I've really been in tune with seeing God all around me, and taking in His wondrous blessings that He has lovingly given to me to enjoy. I've been often pondering how so many people can say that there isn't a God, He doesn't exist, it was all evolution. It just gets me how people don't open their eyes and see what's around them. Here are some of the many things that I've been taking in lately that definitely prove to me there most certainly is a God (this is just here in our physical world... not even tapping in to Salvation and the fact that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for my sins so I could spend eternity in Heaven with Him):

*each and every snowflake is in some way different... think about how many snowflakes there are, especially in a blizzard... and to know that each and every one... billions of them... are different. how amazing is that?
* the fact that a woman is able to conceive, hold another being in her womb, nourish it, and then give birth to that being to love and bond with... that is one of the greatest miracles, a miracle that richly blesses my life each and every single day. it still stuns me that my daughter grew inside me... i fed her and sustained her while she was growing in me so she would be able to live outside of my inner being.
* look at the entire human race... not one person is exactly 100% identical to another person... even if they are identical twins there is something that is different about them somewhere inside or outside their body. if God didn't create humans, then why are we each unique... why aren't we all just the exact same, and why don't we all have children that look exactly like the rest of the world? if we aren't God's creation, and He didn't "beautifully and wonderfully" make us, then why aren't we all blonde haired, blue eyed, 5'6", 160lbs, have perfect teeth, perfect skin, and have the exact same personality?
* consider the animals around us... how many different shades of rabbits there are and different kinds of rabbits... long eared short eared, long fur, short fur... why are there black and white cows, just plain white cows, just black cows, brown cows, brown and white cows... why do some cows have horns, but others don't? why are there so many different types of birds... some of them being plain in color, while other ones are brilliant shades of reds, blues, yellows, oranges, and other colors mixed in? what's the point in having so many different breeds of dogs and cats? why aren't all frogs just green? who needs to see the most stunningly beautiful blue frog or an orange frog that is the most amazing color of orange you've ever seen? wouldn't one type of whale, shark, fish, seal, sea lion be enough? why do caterpillars need to build a chrysalis and turn in to butterfly? why does a caterpillar have 238 muscles in its head? why does an owl eat its food whole, and then regurgitate the bones and fur to make an owl pellet? why does a spider have 8 legs, spin its own web, and secrete an oil while it is spinning the web so it doesn't stick to the web it is creating? and this doesn't even touch the tip of how many different kinds of animal species are out there, and the wonderful, amazing differences in every single one of them.
* we have 4 seasons in every year... each season has its own unique characteristics... the spring has warm and cool days... everything has new growth... bright, beautiful colors are starting to spring forth... the birds start to sing again... the flowers come out and grace us with their beauty.. there is a lot of replenishing rain.. in the summer there are hot, hot days.. there are wonderful sunrises and sunsets... we spend time with family at the beach, park, or just even outside... in the fall it starts to get cooler again.... the trees turn magnificent shades of orange, red, and yellow... animals start to gather provisions for the long winter ahead... bears have to put on extra body weight so they can hibernate all winter long.... there's a crisp, freshness in the air... it starts to get a dark a little earlier... there's a cozy, warm feeling all around... the harvest moon shines brightly in the sky.. the leaves fall to the ground and make the trees barren... in the winter there is no color... every thing is kind of drab, but it is beautiful in its own way... snow falls... you don't see many animals out because they are all protected from the elements in their gets dark really, really early... the frost glitters in the bright sunlight like someone sprinkled silver glitter all over everything outside... frost etches different designs on our windows... we can see our warm breath making steam in the cold air... water isn't liquid... and so many other differences
* rainbows... why do we need to see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet? what's the point in a rainbow anyway?
* what's the point in having different cloud types for the different kinds of weather? or having a moon that changes shapes depending on how it is reflecting the sun's light?
* why do we have deserts, marshes, forests, rainforests, tundra, etc? why isn't the whole Earth the exact same?
* why do we need so many types of bananas, apples, peppers, pears, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, and every other kind of fruit or veggie we eat and enjoy?

All of this greatness I just mentioned is because He loves us... He wants to share His creation with us... He gave it to us so we could enjoy it, appreciate it, and marvel at His greatness. How awesome is that in itsself.. that He loved us so much that He thought to make all of these things in so many different ways? It's almost uncomprehendable! All of this stuff didn't just happen... they are this way because our Great Creator made them that way.

I think this is enough for now. I have challenged myself to see God in everything around me... and it is amazing what I've been paying attention to and pondering. It has most definitely made me more grateful for His creation, and the fact that He made everything different for me to enjoy; when He could have made everything the exact same. How boring would that be? So, I challenge you to see if you can start noticing the differences in the things around you. And, to be thankful that not one thing is exactly the same as anything else, then thank God for the fact that He made all of these wondrous things for you to enjoy. How can you not know there is a God with all these glorious things around us?