Monday, January 4, 2010

I Win {I totally should NOT be admitting this}

remember how i mentioned in my "Christmas.. list style" post that my husband thought a deer was a giraffe? i razzed him about that for quite a few days, but i got my payback. saturday morning, i woke up and went to my second job. being that i had slept in until 10 every morning because my munchkin is an amazing sleeper, i was quite tired. and more delerious than what i thought. i probably shouldn't have been driving with how tired i was, as i was staring off in to space with my half-conscious mind. well... it wasn't until my little *mistake* that i realized exactly how tired i was. like i said, i was driving along, and i drove around a bend... in the middle of the bend is a cute little house with a pretty big side-yard. that side-yard contains horses, goats, and a donkey (i know this because i love looking at the animals). the owners of the house and animals had parked their truck right next to the fence, and there was a massive, round hay bail in the back of the truck. i noticed that a tan colored animal was standing there, and the color of the animal blended so well with the color of the hay... so what my delerious eyes saw was a tan animal with a massive hump on its back. yes, i thought the horse standing in front of the bail of hay was a camel. so, who wins.. the camel or the giraffe? i'm thinking it's safe to say that we need to go check ourselves in to the looney bin. or move to africa.