Friday, June 27, 2008

Adios, Amigos!

We're headed out tomorrow for another 9 day stay in Amish country! We'll be back July 6th! Happy 4th of July (a little early)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Poop! :o)

As I was getting the kiddo ready this morning, we had a conversation about her outfit. Here it is~

Me~ Morgan, look at your pretty shirt you're going to wear
Biz ~ Pitty! Sirt
Me ~ Let's put your shorts on
Biz~ Sortsch
Me~ Morgan, look, who is on your shirt? Is that Pooh? Can you say Pooh, Morgan?
Biz ~ Poop!
Me ~ No, sissy, it's Pooh... can you say Pooh?
Biz ~ Poop!

After that, I decided we'd go with Winnie instead of Pooh.... I don't need a child running around telling everyone she has "poop" on her "sirt"

Behold the lovely picture of "Poop" <3

You brighten Mommy's world, Biz!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Who's in the Room?

My dad got this devotional for my husband and I because I often doubt myself as a parent, and am so concerned about raising our children to love and follow the Lord. I have only read a couple of the devotions so far, but the first one was really awesome, I thought. The first devotion talks about remembering that God is with us constantly. Not just when we're at church or doing good things. He is with us ALL the time, and we really need to remember that. Gary Thomas reminds readers that even while we're sitting in the living room, we need to keep in mind that, while we can't see Him, Jesus is sitting right there with us in our home. Then, Mr. Thomas challenges the reader to think, would God be happy with what is going on in my home? If He were sitting there in person, would I want Him to experience the surroundings and the things going on with my family? Would I want Him to see me yelling at my child, watching that TV show, using that sort of language... etc?? It really makes you think! While most of the time you think things are "okay", you really stop and think, wow, maybe I wouldn't want God to see that in person... I better change what I'm doing because it isn't a very good Christian example. So, keep in mind... God is constantly with us whether we can see him or not. It has totally changed my perspective... I know that God is constantly watching over us, but to think that He is actually sitting on my couch observing my family... that really changes my outlook. (Not that I'm swearing and getting drunk in my home.. I don't want you to think that my house is a horrible place to be and my kids first word was a swear... it just made me think a little more about everything) I like it when I get a kick in the pants like that every once in a while, something that really makes me stop and think... am I being the BEST Christian I can possibly be?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Ring

Ever since I had my little kiddo, I have developed an allergy to gold. A jeweler said that it's more than likely an allergy to the nickel in the gold, but it doesn't change the fact that it makes my fingers break out with little blisters. I've been asking around to see what type of metal has no nickel in it. The only one is platinum (what a cryin shame :o)). Therefore, with my hard earned money from my part-time job, I am laying away a platinum diamond eternity band. I wanted a new ring with a big diamond for the center stone and all that jazz. But, I got to thinking.. in all honesty I just want something pretty and simple. So, that's my choice. Hopefully I'll be able to order one soon!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hats Off

I had an interesting experience today. Along with my 15 1/2 month old, I watched a 4 year old and his 2 month old sister. Many people have been asking my husband and I when the next little bambino is coming along. I always joke, and say that I am not ready to have another baby just yet. I want to wait until Miss Biz is about 3 to have another kid. She'll be semi-independent, and potty trained. Well, I can now say in all honesty that I am in no way, shape, or form ready for another child. Surprisingly, I am not in a padded room at this moment. And, I can definitely say that waiting is the right decision for us. While finding out that I am not ready to have another baby because I couldn't handle it, I also gained a new respect for the women who have children really close in age. Because, no matter how old your children are and how easy they are now, they were babies and toddlers at basically the same time; which is something I could not do. So, my hat goes off to you ladies that were able to have little ones close in age, and keep your house running in a normal (at least semi-normal) way. It takes a special person to do that, and I am obviously not that special!! :o)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Candy Dessert... MMMM!

Give this stuff a try.... you won't be able to stop eating it!

Ingredients ~

12 Oreos crushed
2 Tbsp. butter
1/2 c peanut butter
2 c cold milk
2 pkg Jell-O Instant Chocolate Pudding
2 c thawed Cool Whip ~ divided
2 Tbsp. hot fudge topping
1/2 cup Reese's Pieces

Directions ~

Mix crushed Oreos and butter and press in to the bottom of an 8" square pan

Put peanut butter in a large bowl. Slowly add milk, stirring with a whisk until well blended. Add dry pudding mix. Beat 2 minutes or until blended (the mixture will be thick). Stir in 1 cup of the Cool Whip. Spread on to the Oreo crust. Top concoction with the left over Cool Whip.
Let it chillax in the fridge for 3 hours or so until it's set (you know you'll have to dig in before 3 hours :o) ) When you're ready to serve it, drizzle warm hot fudge over top, and put the Reese's Pieces all over. Enjoy!!! :o)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day ~ Take Two

This is what I wanted to post yesterday, but amid all of the feelings of frustration toward my lovely husband, I just couldn't get these words out. So.. here goes~

My husband is the best Dad a kiddo could ask for; he's also the best husband a woman could ask for (99.9% of the time :o) we all have our faults). In the beginning, he was so afraid to hold our precious girl because he thought he would drop her or break her. Fortunately, he got over that one pretty quickly. Now, she's a Daddy's girl, and it's the cutest thing ever. He's so big and so strong, and she's so little... but he handles her with such love. It's really amazing to watch. My heart melts every time they are together, and I think it always will. Miss Biz couldn't have been blessed with a better Daddy, and I'm glad I got to experience the joy of being a Mommy with her Daddio! I love you, babe! You're the best <3

Sunday, June 15, 2008

In My Arms

Every time I hear this song I cry.... I first cried because I heard it on Nathan Lawrenson's blog, and it went with a video about his micro-preemie; it was simply beautiful. Then, I listened to the words... and it reminds me of my girl so much and how scary the big, bad world is going to be in just a matter of a few years. It's seriously such a big job raising a kiddo, especially in this day and age. She'll always be safe in my arms, and I hope she always knows that!

your baby blues
so full of wonder
your curley cues
your contagious smile
and as i watch
you start to grow up
all I can do is hold you tight

knowing clouds will rage
and storms will race in
but you will be safe
in my arms
rains will pour down
waves will crash around
but you will be safe
in my arms

story books are full of fairy tales
of kings and queens and the bluest skies
but my heart is torn
just in knowing
you'll someday see
the truth from lies

when the
clouds will rage and
storms will race in
but you will be safe
in my arms
rains will pour down
waves will crash around
but you will be safe
in my arms

Castles they might crumble
dreams may not come true
but you are never all alone
because I will always
always love you
when the
clouds will rage and
storms will race in
but you will be safe
in my arms
rains will pour down
waves will crash around
but you will be safe
in my arms
in my arms

Little Piece of Me

Here is my actual necklace that I got from Lisa Leonard. I absolutely LOVE it. There are so many more necklaces on her site that I want. I can't wait to get more!! :o) She's seriously amazing.

The Star Barn

Saturday, June 14, 2008

He's so cute!

Driving Thoughts

I have a pretty massive drive to get to the child's house whom I work with for my part time job. While on this drive, I discovered a couple of things. I want to buy a motorcycle. The only reason I wish to purchase one of these vehicles is because everytime another motorcyclist passes, they wave hello to each other. I like being friendly, and would love to wave hello to everyone that passes. We just have to find a bike that would fit my husband, myself, our daughter, our dog, all of our daughter's belongings, and suitcases. That'd be a chore and a half if we were really going to buy one!

The second thing I figured out is that I HATE (and I do meant hate) unmarked roads. They were paving one of the roads I was traveling on which meant there were no lines, and man did that freak me out. The people behind me probably thought I was driving under the influence of some pretty hard stuff because of how swervy I was; and thank goodness a police officer didn't go by. But, sheesh, I was a wreck... I never thought something like that would bother me so much.

While driving, if you see a family riding on a pimped out double or triple side car bike, you know who it is. Honk, and I'll give ya a nice, big, friendly wave!! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Legal Sized Waistline??

So, I really wonder what Americans would do if our government took our obsesity crisis as seriously as Japan is for it's citizens? Seriously... check this story out. They have a LEGAL size waist in this country... if you're not legal, you're given dieting advice! If you don't lose the amount of weight needed to get yourself down to the legal limit, your company can have financial penalties put on them. Now, it's only for people ages 40-75, but still. Imagine if the U.S. did that for people ages 25-75... what a wonder it would work for our society and it's health!

Heee Heee Heee UP!

We're trying to teach Miss Biz to count. She repeats everything like she's a stinking Mynah bird (a moniker that her loving grandfather uses for her frequently these days). Today while picking her up after getting a diaper change, her Daddy looks at her and goes "One, two, three UP". What does she say?? "Hee Hee Hee UP!". He tries again, and she repeats the same thing over again. Nice to know that the first three numbers are "hee hee hee"... great job kiddo!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making Baking More Colorful!

Do you know what this is??? This, my dear friends, is a picture of sanding sugar in EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW!! My parents have all kinds of cool grocery stores around them in Amish Country Pennsylvania, and I was shocked as can be to find this. I've never seen sanding sugar in so many colors. And, I didn't even purchase every color they had! I was excited.. now my cookies and cupcakes will be ten times more pretty! :)

This is just my insanely cute puppyface... he was practically begging to have a picture taken while I took a pic of the sanding sugar! <3

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blurbs from Our Not So Intelligent Neighbor

We are truly, very fortunate to have such awesome neighbors. They are very nice, and will do anything for us. We've really enjoyed them in the last 2 years that we've been here. The older couple that lives to our right (if you're in our house) has a 29ish year old grandson that lives with them. While he is a super nice guy, he's not the brightest crayon in the box. Here are some wacky, yet hilarious things he has said to us over the course of the last few months:

* Adam was burning a really big brush pile, and since we were getting tons of rain, he figured it was the best time to go ahead and get rid of it. While he's burning, D comes up and goes "Hey, Adam, are you having a bar b que?" Adam was like.. huh???? He told D that, no, we were not having a bar b que, he was just getting rid of a brush pile. Then D was like "Oh, dude, I was excited for a neighborhood bar b que. Maybe some other time".

* Adam is a very large man; he stands about 6'6" tall, and weighs about 280lbs. Since he's so tall (and rather clutzy, I hate to admit), he always knocks his head off of the lower, smaller branches on the trees in our back yard while mowing. He decided that he was going to cut down some of the branches so he either 1) didn't hit his head or 2) while ducking to avoid hitting his head, scrape his back instead. So, he's out there sawing away, and D comes out of the house. He's like, "Yo, Adam, are you cutting down branches or somethin?" Adam, being the smart aleck that he is, wanted to say that he was getting ready to saw his arm off, but he just responded with a polite "Yes".

* Here's my all time favorite!!:

We have lived in this house for 2 years, meaning that I got preggers right after we moved in. Toward the end of my second trimester and beginning of my third, I got really huge. I seriously looked like I had my own little volleyball team inside me, when in actuality I had one, normal sized baby. The neighbors saw me quite a bit with my oversized belly, and congratulated both of us numerous times.

Well a few months ago (it's been a little while because it happened when the kiddo was still in her infant carrier, and she's been facing forward since she was 1 due to the fact that she's going to be a giant like her father) Adam and I were coming home from somewhere. He was carrying miss priss in to the house because she was so heavy I couldn't carry the infant seat anymore. D is getting in to his car and he's like, "Hey, what do you have there?" We're both like.. "A baby". Then, without missing a beat he's like.. "Oh, is it yours?". No, we just went and asked a store if we could borrow a kid for the day to cart around and pretend that we were parents. When we told him yes, the kid that we were carting around, and had been carting around for months was in fact ours, he looks at us and says "Dude, that's cool. I didn't know you had a baby".

Like I said, nicest guy ever, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sense!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Are People So Cruel?

I just heard about the story pertaining to this bald eagle "Beauty". Her beak was shot off by a poacher. Fortunately, she has slowly been brought back to health, and is getting fitted for a prosthetic beak (not kidding). I really don't understand why people have to be so cruel and heartless. This animal is defenseless, they have just gotten off the endangered species list in the last however many years, and they are absolutely beautiful. I just see more and more stories about cruelty to animals (this, Michael Vick, The Kentucky Derby), and it just sickens me. I wish I could do something to help reduce the pain that animals have to go through due to heartless, stupid human beings!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey "Kikky"

My husband discovered that we have a mama and two baby "kikkies" living under one of our sheds. If you didn't figure it out "kikky" stands for "kitty". Our little one loves kikkies and goggies, so she is having fun looking out the window to watch the kittens play. She shrills "ohhhh kikky!!" every single time she sees them. It's absolutely adorable. My hubster also put some water out there for them considering it's going to be 100 degrees here throughout the remainder of this week and in to next week! I wonder how long they'll decide to chill under our shed! I'll try to get a pic of them cuz they're pretty darn cute.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Present

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was supposed to get my Mother's Day present from the Harrisburg Art Festival. I didn't really find anything that made me get overly excited, and I had decided that I was just going to have a nice dinner be my present. Then, I saw exactly what I wanted on Nathan Lawrenson's blog.
I am a very unique person, and have my own taste in stuff. I'm not a typical 28 year old that is in to all the trendy clothes, purses, jewelry, etc. I'm very much an individual, and I like finding things that are not what other people can easily buy. Nate posted about a jeweler who makes unique pieces, and personalizes them for her clients. She is also very reasonably priced. My present is going to be from Lisa Leonard, and is this necklace that you see in the picture. It's the "teeny tiny initials" necklace. I will have two little circles on mine, and one will have a "m" that stands for my daughter's first name, and the other will have a heart to stand for my love for her. I'm also a huge pearl fanatic, and she has a place where you can customize your jewelry, so I asked for a couple extra pearls to be added to mine. Plus, she gives you a pretty rad discount for your first purchase (it was like I didn't even have to pay extra for shipping that's how much I got off). I'm hoping she does more fund raisers where she gives a percentage that she sells to the Lawrenson family for Cystic Fibrosis.
So, there's my Mother's Day present. It's simple, it's unique, and it's completely ME. I totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.... and I will definitely be purchasing more of her necklaces soon-ish! Check her out!!

We <3 Our Beds

We spent an entire week in Pennsylvania with both of our families. It was a nice visit, and we did a couple of fun things. But, in reality, it was extremely nice to come back to my own house, and sleep in my own bed last night. My parents have a nice bed for us to sleep in, and a crib for the little one, but it's just not MY house. While we were up there, miss priss also started a ritual that really had me a little scared. I haven't had to hold her to put her to sleep since she was like 3 months old (she's 15 months old now). All we do is lay her down, and she's out in a matter of a couple seconds. Last week, that was not the case. Every single night I had to hold her and put her to sleep so she didn't scream bloody murder. I thought for sure it was going to be the same thing again last night when we got home; she was used to me holding her to sleep for a week, why would it be any different at home? Thankfully, I was wrong. I guess she missed her bed as much as her Mommy and Daddy missed our bed!