Saturday, June 14, 2008

Driving Thoughts

I have a pretty massive drive to get to the child's house whom I work with for my part time job. While on this drive, I discovered a couple of things. I want to buy a motorcycle. The only reason I wish to purchase one of these vehicles is because everytime another motorcyclist passes, they wave hello to each other. I like being friendly, and would love to wave hello to everyone that passes. We just have to find a bike that would fit my husband, myself, our daughter, our dog, all of our daughter's belongings, and suitcases. That'd be a chore and a half if we were really going to buy one!

The second thing I figured out is that I HATE (and I do meant hate) unmarked roads. They were paving one of the roads I was traveling on which meant there were no lines, and man did that freak me out. The people behind me probably thought I was driving under the influence of some pretty hard stuff because of how swervy I was; and thank goodness a police officer didn't go by. But, sheesh, I was a wreck... I never thought something like that would bother me so much.

While driving, if you see a family riding on a pimped out double or triple side car bike, you know who it is. Honk, and I'll give ya a nice, big, friendly wave!! :)