Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Poop! :o)

As I was getting the kiddo ready this morning, we had a conversation about her outfit. Here it is~

Me~ Morgan, look at your pretty shirt you're going to wear
Biz ~ Pitty! Sirt
Me ~ Let's put your shorts on
Biz~ Sortsch
Me~ Morgan, look, who is on your shirt? Is that Pooh? Can you say Pooh, Morgan?
Biz ~ Poop!
Me ~ No, sissy, it's Pooh... can you say Pooh?
Biz ~ Poop!

After that, I decided we'd go with Winnie instead of Pooh.... I don't need a child running around telling everyone she has "poop" on her "sirt"

Behold the lovely picture of "Poop" <3

You brighten Mommy's world, Biz!