Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blurbs from Our Not So Intelligent Neighbor

We are truly, very fortunate to have such awesome neighbors. They are very nice, and will do anything for us. We've really enjoyed them in the last 2 years that we've been here. The older couple that lives to our right (if you're in our house) has a 29ish year old grandson that lives with them. While he is a super nice guy, he's not the brightest crayon in the box. Here are some wacky, yet hilarious things he has said to us over the course of the last few months:

* Adam was burning a really big brush pile, and since we were getting tons of rain, he figured it was the best time to go ahead and get rid of it. While he's burning, D comes up and goes "Hey, Adam, are you having a bar b que?" Adam was like.. huh???? He told D that, no, we were not having a bar b que, he was just getting rid of a brush pile. Then D was like "Oh, dude, I was excited for a neighborhood bar b que. Maybe some other time".

* Adam is a very large man; he stands about 6'6" tall, and weighs about 280lbs. Since he's so tall (and rather clutzy, I hate to admit), he always knocks his head off of the lower, smaller branches on the trees in our back yard while mowing. He decided that he was going to cut down some of the branches so he either 1) didn't hit his head or 2) while ducking to avoid hitting his head, scrape his back instead. So, he's out there sawing away, and D comes out of the house. He's like, "Yo, Adam, are you cutting down branches or somethin?" Adam, being the smart aleck that he is, wanted to say that he was getting ready to saw his arm off, but he just responded with a polite "Yes".

* Here's my all time favorite!!:

We have lived in this house for 2 years, meaning that I got preggers right after we moved in. Toward the end of my second trimester and beginning of my third, I got really huge. I seriously looked like I had my own little volleyball team inside me, when in actuality I had one, normal sized baby. The neighbors saw me quite a bit with my oversized belly, and congratulated both of us numerous times.

Well a few months ago (it's been a little while because it happened when the kiddo was still in her infant carrier, and she's been facing forward since she was 1 due to the fact that she's going to be a giant like her father) Adam and I were coming home from somewhere. He was carrying miss priss in to the house because she was so heavy I couldn't carry the infant seat anymore. D is getting in to his car and he's like, "Hey, what do you have there?" We're both like.. "A baby". Then, without missing a beat he's like.. "Oh, is it yours?". No, we just went and asked a store if we could borrow a kid for the day to cart around and pretend that we were parents. When we told him yes, the kid that we were carting around, and had been carting around for months was in fact ours, he looks at us and says "Dude, that's cool. I didn't know you had a baby".

Like I said, nicest guy ever, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sense!