Monday, June 23, 2008

Who's in the Room?

My dad got this devotional for my husband and I because I often doubt myself as a parent, and am so concerned about raising our children to love and follow the Lord. I have only read a couple of the devotions so far, but the first one was really awesome, I thought. The first devotion talks about remembering that God is with us constantly. Not just when we're at church or doing good things. He is with us ALL the time, and we really need to remember that. Gary Thomas reminds readers that even while we're sitting in the living room, we need to keep in mind that, while we can't see Him, Jesus is sitting right there with us in our home. Then, Mr. Thomas challenges the reader to think, would God be happy with what is going on in my home? If He were sitting there in person, would I want Him to experience the surroundings and the things going on with my family? Would I want Him to see me yelling at my child, watching that TV show, using that sort of language... etc?? It really makes you think! While most of the time you think things are "okay", you really stop and think, wow, maybe I wouldn't want God to see that in person... I better change what I'm doing because it isn't a very good Christian example. So, keep in mind... God is constantly with us whether we can see him or not. It has totally changed my perspective... I know that God is constantly watching over us, but to think that He is actually sitting on my couch observing my family... that really changes my outlook. (Not that I'm swearing and getting drunk in my home.. I don't want you to think that my house is a horrible place to be and my kids first word was a swear... it just made me think a little more about everything) I like it when I get a kick in the pants like that every once in a while, something that really makes me stop and think... am I being the BEST Christian I can possibly be?