Thursday, May 22, 2008

gimme a D gimme an O gimme a N gimme an E.. what's that spell?? DONE!

I am officially done with school!!! HOOOOOOOOORAAAYYYYY!!!! While I will miss some of the kiddos, I am glad some of them were on their way to a lovely summer vaca away from me via their glamorous bright yellow stretch taxis! It is a tradition that the teachers stand out on the bus landing and yell, wave, and cheer as the children are leaving us to bug their parents for the summer! The kids think it's great because we're out there giving them "love", when in reality, we're out there saying... thank goodness you're gone cuz I couldn't stand another second with you! Not the case with of the children, but man, we have some doozey's these days! We're off for a relaxing mini-vacation of our own to PA this weekend, and we'll be hitting up the Harrisburg Art Festival; which is where I get to purchse my Mother's Day gift of choice :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I went to speak with the personal trainer today, and we set some goals, talked about what I need to do as far as working out goes, the diet/calorie intake I need to be getting, and set plans to get some good base goals in place. She predicted (now this is ball park) that it will take me a maximum of 1 year (more likely 6-9 months once I really get going again) to lose all the weight that I want to; which is about a year or so less than what I thought it would take. This makes me insanely happy!

I Got a New Attitude

We have lived in Virginia for 5 years now (4 for me because my husband was here a year before I came). Ever since the day I arrived, I have seriously disliked this place. I went from having a shopping mall, numerous grocery stores, awesome parks, many schools to choose from, and just about every other commodity you can imagine available to me. Down here, we have Wal-Mart, the mall is an hour away, there are no parks for the kids to go to (no good ones anyway), and everything is just so far away. I've also had a really hard time because my parents live a good distance away, and I really love the town my parents live in; which makes me want to move there really badly. Now that we've had the baby, I want her to be close to her grandparents, too.

But, lately, I've really been thinking. If there wasn't an ultimate reason for me being sent down here, then God would have had other plans for me, and I would be somewhere else. So, I have started really praying, and seeking his wisdom and guidance on what his purpose is for me while I am living in here. I want to be used to the best of my ability, and obviously I have a niche down here that God thinks I would be useful doing; now I just have to pray, and seek his guidance to show me exactly what I was sent to podunk Virginia to do!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are You Ever Happy?

We have been getting a TON of rain lately. Which is something that I absolutely LOVE in the spring and fall. I'm very big on rain and thunderstorms.

Last year, we were in a severe drought, and everyone complained about losing crops, we were on water restrictions, this, that, and everything else. We weren't allowed to wash our cars or run sprinklers because of how bad of a drought we were in. All I heard was people complaining about how hot, dry, and miserable it was. Now that it's been raining a plentiful amount and we're out of the drought, all people are doing is complaining about how much rain we've gotten this spring. It's ruined this activity, it's ruined that get together. It is seriously so sad because people can't be happy with what the Lord is providing for them. I feel sorry for the people who bellyache all the time because they are such miserable, unappreciative people. I couldn't imagine being that way so ungrateful and constantly complaining about everything. I wish people would just quit complaining, realize that they're incredibly blessed to have what they do, and get on with their lives!

I know I'm enjoying the rain, and am so thankful that we're out of a drought. Every single day it rains even a drop, I thank God for the wonderful spring rain!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


When I stop and think, really think, about the joyous experience of being a Mom, I can't actually describe what it is like. I look at my little princess so many times throughout the day, and just fall in love a gazillion times over again. I seriously never thought I could ever love another human being this much. Every single thing about her leaves me in complete awe. I feel so wonderfully and amazingly blessed that God allowed me to become a mother to such a beautiful masterpiece. I will be eternally grateful to Him for deeming me worthy of this experience. I can't imagine not having her in my life. I thank God for her so many times throughout the day, and it's just not enough to show Him how thankful I am for blessing me with such a beautiful child. I love being a mother, and I can't wait to see what is in store in the future. I started out being a crying mess all the time because I had no clue what to do, and now I cry when I look at her because of how much she amazes me. It's great... I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the whole entire world. Thank you, God, for my miracle. <3

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Addiction

All of these include some of my new favorites.... I won't complain!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Work It, Girl


Plus this

equals one pretty freakin rockin time!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I swear I really loathe the Kentucky Derby. I hate it when a poor horse gets hurt then has to be put to sleep just because people want to race them to make money off of them; it makes me want to cry. Why can't they be charged with animal cruelty??? I hate it when any animal is mistreated, and it breaks my heart,... but I really hate that it's televised. I refuse to watch it for that reason, and I will never watch it. I think it should be outlawed!