Sunday, May 11, 2008


When I stop and think, really think, about the joyous experience of being a Mom, I can't actually describe what it is like. I look at my little princess so many times throughout the day, and just fall in love a gazillion times over again. I seriously never thought I could ever love another human being this much. Every single thing about her leaves me in complete awe. I feel so wonderfully and amazingly blessed that God allowed me to become a mother to such a beautiful masterpiece. I will be eternally grateful to Him for deeming me worthy of this experience. I can't imagine not having her in my life. I thank God for her so many times throughout the day, and it's just not enough to show Him how thankful I am for blessing me with such a beautiful child. I love being a mother, and I can't wait to see what is in store in the future. I started out being a crying mess all the time because I had no clue what to do, and now I cry when I look at her because of how much she amazes me. It's great... I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the whole entire world. Thank you, God, for my miracle. <3