Saturday, May 3, 2008


I swear I really loathe the Kentucky Derby. I hate it when a poor horse gets hurt then has to be put to sleep just because people want to race them to make money off of them; it makes me want to cry. Why can't they be charged with animal cruelty??? I hate it when any animal is mistreated, and it breaks my heart,... but I really hate that it's televised. I refuse to watch it for that reason, and I will never watch it. I think it should be outlawed!


Grace said...

Yes, it is sickening. At the stables we use there is one horse that is so obviously bigger than the rest that it's amazing. After talking to him for several minutes and getting a few "kisses" from this amazing creature I asked his story. He was in the big time when he became injured and was set to be put down when the right person came along. Now he gets to live out the rest of his life being loved by the many children who live at the children's home where his stables are located. Everytime I see him I am in total awe... he's a hugmongous animal and has an incredible personality too. It's awesome to see him with Bee. He'll lean as far over as he can get just to get at her for some love.