Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I went to speak with the personal trainer today, and we set some goals, talked about what I need to do as far as working out goes, the diet/calorie intake I need to be getting, and set plans to get some good base goals in place. She predicted (now this is ball park) that it will take me a maximum of 1 year (more likely 6-9 months once I really get going again) to lose all the weight that I want to; which is about a year or so less than what I thought it would take. This makes me insanely happy!


StephieAnne said...

Congratulations - just saw your comment, yes the Ducks are a lot of fun - and for you on the west coast, "Ducks" are the name of our University of Oregon teams - particularly football which we love to support. So, that makes it even more special.

Weight and exercise are a daily battle for me - right now I'm trying to lose before I gain again - as we're going with four other families to a mountain retreat for Memorial Day weekend and I get to bake all of our favorite meals and treats. I really love yummy food! My twin sister is my lifetime accountability as we've always been within about 10 pounds of each other. She's the skinnier one now, so I have to step up my game....

So, well done with your good lifestyle habits and keep pressing on! Very exciting!