Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are You Ever Happy?

We have been getting a TON of rain lately. Which is something that I absolutely LOVE in the spring and fall. I'm very big on rain and thunderstorms.

Last year, we were in a severe drought, and everyone complained about losing crops, we were on water restrictions, this, that, and everything else. We weren't allowed to wash our cars or run sprinklers because of how bad of a drought we were in. All I heard was people complaining about how hot, dry, and miserable it was. Now that it's been raining a plentiful amount and we're out of the drought, all people are doing is complaining about how much rain we've gotten this spring. It's ruined this activity, it's ruined that get together. It is seriously so sad because people can't be happy with what the Lord is providing for them. I feel sorry for the people who bellyache all the time because they are such miserable, unappreciative people. I couldn't imagine being that way so ungrateful and constantly complaining about everything. I wish people would just quit complaining, realize that they're incredibly blessed to have what they do, and get on with their lives!

I know I'm enjoying the rain, and am so thankful that we're out of a drought. Every single day it rains even a drop, I thank God for the wonderful spring rain!


StephieAnne said...


I found your blog after linking to you from reading Confessions of CF Husband.

I'm a Eugene, Oregon resident and already notice a lot we share in common. Former middle school teacher (I'm guessing from just reading your last couple of posts that your "lovelies" are not kindergarteners). I have been staying home for a while since I've had my kids (9 year old boy and 6 year old girl).

I relate to the rain post. Here in Oregon, we get a lot of it - but some years are leaner than others. This year has been a very heavy snow year for the mountains so we're all rejoicing that the summer will host plenty of full lakes and reservoirs in which to take the boat out and enjoy everything staying green. With that said, though, I am so affected by the sunshine skies vs. the grey skies of rain. Just like our Christian lives, they are both necessary, but it so much easier to rejoice in the sunshine. Thanks for putting up some great posts!