Friday, April 25, 2008

Is It Over Yet???? :(

I am very impatiently awaiting the day that I can say goodbye to my little lovelies as the nice bright yellow taxis take them away from me!! So, here are my last two weeks in review:

*one of my little lovelies kicks another student because he was annoying him
* the same little lovely decided to take the same student by the shirt and tell him he's going to rip his face off
* the principal decides to tell my little bully that she is telling the parents of the other child to press charges if he does it again
* lovely #2 decides that he is going to tell people that he has demons inside of him
* lovely # 3 decides that he's going to call another classmate a Mother F'er and a fag!

Ahhhh.... can you tell I need summer vaca... like pronto?


Grace said...

Good grief, you do need a vacation... you could just slip them all some Benadryl so they'll sleep their way thru the rest of the year! Ugh, I'll be praying for you for sure! Try to let them live, it's just a few more weeks!!