Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't Get Pushy

As I mentioned in my Monday Rant in rant # 5, home ownership is getting annoying. Well, we decided to go look at dishwashers to replace said broken dishwasher. As we're walking around Lowe's, we found a couple of models that we really liked. Our appliances now are black or black and tanish; so I wanted a black dishwasher, and am hoping to get a black stove and fridge later on. Like I said, we were walking around Lowe's just LOOKING to get an idea as to how much this sucker was going to cost us. A gentleman comes up, and asks us what we want. We explain, show him the model we both agreed upon, and ask if it comes in black. We were planning on getting prices, then were going to go and look at the other appliance stores in town. One of them has a payment plan that we were hoping to take advantage of. Mr. Pushy Pants had another idea. He comes back, tells my husband and I that they ORDERED our new BLACK DISHWASHER and it would be in and installed in 2 weeks. Not once did my husband or myself tell him we were PURCHASING a dishwasher today. We now have a brand new black dishwasher coming to the store, then getting installed at our house around April 18th or so. A brand new dishwasher that we had no clue we were buying today!!