Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crayola Colored Dog....

We have been trying to engage the kiddo's brain a lot more lately. She catches on to stuff so quickly, and we want to see what all we can get her to do. One of the pamphlets we got from her 1 yr. visit to the pediatrician encouraged coloring as a "brain stimulating" activity to do with a 12-18 month old. Therefore, we headed to Wal-Mart, got a box of Big Crayons, and a cute little coloring book. Morgan has enjoyed coloring, and we have two pictures so far.

Now for the fun stuff. After we got home from school today I took the dog out because my husband was tending to Morgan. As I'm walking the dog around the yard, he goes to do his business, and I see a blue log come out of his posterior. I stood there wondering if what I saw was really true. Could my dog really take a blue crap? Then I got to wondering what the heck he ingested to make his poo such a
bright colored blue (this was it, but a little more muted but not much ). After watching the whole experience, and still being completely puzzled, I went inside and told Adam what I had just witnessed. That's when I found out that our lovely little pooch decided to make a snack out of Morgan's blue crayon.

The moral of this story is that: Crayola crayons are good for at least 3 things

1) they make pretty pictures for Mommy to hang on the fridge, and stimulate baby's brain
2) they make a tasty snack for little dogs
3) they make pretty colored dog poo.... some colors I wouldn't mind having on my lawn besides the little brown piles that reside there now... except for the nice new blue pile that was added today!