Saturday, April 19, 2008

God's Hand

There are many times when I wonder if God's hand is really guiding me and protecting me and my family. Well, I know His hand was protecting my family tonight. We were driving to take a car I have to use for work back to the location the work cars are kept. I was behind my husband and child, and we merged onto the highway. As soon as we merge, we have to immediately get in the left lane to make a left hand turn in order to get down into where my part time job is. As my husband was merging, he didn't see the car speeding along in the left hand lane, and he cut her off.... like MAJORLY cut her off. She was literally about 3 inches from smacking him down the entire left side of our car. If that wouldn't have been bad enough, our car isn't brand new, so the baby can't sit in the middle now that she's in a forward facing carseat. She's on the LEFT hand side behind her Daddy, and she probably would have been hurt quite badly guessing by the speed the woman was traveling. Then, there was me driving behind watching all of this happen almost having a heart attack because my husband almost side swiped someone in his blind spot. Talk about SCARY!!! Needless to say, I definitely saw God's hand protecting my two loves tonight!! Thank you, God for protecting them!