Saturday, December 19, 2009

Power Paint Sprayer When Prunes Attack

We went to the peds. last night amidst a nice snow storm because our munchkin had a pretty high fever (101.5... and we found out she has strep). While we were there getting all of that figured out, we also talked to the doc. about some issues with going potty. We've been using Activia, but it still just hadn't been doing the trick, and it was getting to the point that she wasn't going because she knew it would hurt. So, the ped. suggested giving her either a couple prunes, some dates, prune juice, or even baby food prunes. Daddy went to the store today in the blizzard, and got some cherry flavored dates. We told the munch that they were "big raisins" because she wasn't sure about them at first. After she tried them she LOVED them. She had a couple, and then we had to take them off of her because we knew having too much would cause a total explosion. So...... a little while later, she had to hurry and go tinkle, she bent over to pull her pants/panties down, ripped one, and sprayed the wall in the bathroom brown. literally. I guess the prunes worked! :o)