Monday, September 7, 2009

Sad Mommy List Style

this past weekend we went to pennsylvania to visit both of our families. my mom and i also went shopping for clothes and shoes for my munchkin. i LOVE to shop there because my parents have outlets near them (can you say carters, childrens place, and gymboree stuff for CHEAP?!), and there's no sales tax. woo hoo. but, over the course of our shopping excursion, i went from being an excited, happy mommy to a sad, depressed mommy. here is why that progression went the way it did:

*my baby's foot grew a size and a half in a matter of 4 months... she started out the summer in a 6 1/2 and we bought a size 8 saturday! yikes!!
* i'm no longer able to shop for clothes with the word months after the number size, it now has to be a T after the number size. boo
* the toddler section of carters doesn't have an entire matching outfit on one hanger. you have to buy individual pieces then match them together. on the little kid side, a cute shirt and pants or leggings that match come on one hanger. plus, the younger kids outfits are so.much.cuter.
* unfortunately, it really hit me that my baby isn't so much a baby anymore... she's progressing in to a little girl right before my eyes. i want it to stop, but i can't make that happen...
* all in all this weekend basically made me want to bawl my eyes out.