Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buckwheat Otay Pillow

I have been having problems with my shoulders and neck for a while because of how I sleep. I've tried numerous pillows, and none of them seem to relieve the pain that I feel from sleeping incorrectly. I also toss and turn all night long, which leaves me exhausted in the morning.

My wonderful husband told me to try a buckwheat pillow. I went online, and about passed out at the prices of them. But, I did some research and saw that they were supposed to be wonderful. I got one, and it came yesterday. It sounds weird, but I can already tell a difference. My shoulders don't hurt as much, and I didn't toss and turn all night long. I think I rolled over like 3 times.

My pillow is filled with these little hulls from the buckwheat flower. The smell of them alone is wonderful! They conform to your neck, head, and shoulders, and give you such good support! Everything from the hulls to the muslin pillowcase is 100% organic. The pillow is also supposed to last 10 years!! You can add and remove the hulls (you just store them in a ziploc back until you want to add more to your pillow) to fit your comfort level. I took out 2 gallon ziploc bags, and it worked well. I may end up taking out another one, but I'll have to wait and see. Another plus is that it's like a natural insulator, which means in the summer it keeps you cool and in the winter it keeps you warm. Supposedly air circulates around the little hulls which prevents them from compacting together like fiber filled pilllows. It's seriously totally different.

And, to top it off, I got a free lavender sachet to put in my pillow. I woke up smelling like lavender, and it was divine. The store I got mine from also has chamomile, but I found one at another store that has mint and other herbs that help your nasal passages open up when you have a cold; so I think I'll eventually get some of them, too.


Holly said...

Those pillows sound great! It's funny how much the wrong bedding can affect your body.