Saturday, September 26, 2009


i am so excited. i have been looking for a bookshelf for my munchkin's room for such a long time. her daddy wanted to build her one, but mommy vetoed that idea (if you would have ever experienced him putting something together that had all the pieces cut so he just had to add nails/screws and witnessing that catastrophe, you would have totally vetoed the whole building from-scratch thing, too. trust me). i wanted something pretty and nice, and that would also fit the ten million books the child has. she also has little collectible things that i have wanted to sit out, too. everywhere seemed so expensive, and a small hand-made shelf would have been $60. and the pre-fab things are kinda cruddy. i went to this cute little crafty/antique store today, and scored. big.time. i found two bookshelves, and they are pretty. the shelves are big enough for her books, her little collectible things will look really nice on them, and there are doors at the bottom with shelves underneath for storage (and her shoes). they didn't have a price on them, so i asked the lady if they were for sale. at first, she said they weren't, but they were actually her own and she was thinking of selling them. i asked the price, and waited with baited breath while she was deciding how much she would charge me for one/both of them. when she told me the price, my jaw hit the floor. she told me they would be $70 a piece. two gorgeous bookshelves for $140 is not bad at all. i'm already contemplating and planning how i'm going to decorate them, and where her little knick knacks will be placed. i'll also put a pic up of them as soon as i get home. yay!