Friday, November 14, 2008


I just set up an account on Rate My Space on HGTV. I am trying to get a TON of votes so maybe (just maybe) we'll win a bathroom makeover. Our bathroom desperately needs a makeover. We don't have the money to get it redone because we spent $5600 on a new heat pump when ours blew, and another $4000 on a new roof when ours blew off (yes, it really blew off) last February. When we moved in to this house, they sort of forgot to tell us sneakily didn't tell us that the bathroom had major mold and mildew issues. The entire bottom row of tiles that surrounds the tub has fallen off due to mildew, and we have mold growing all along the ceiling. Therefore, our 20 month old STILL takes a bath in the kitchen sink because I refuse to let her in that bathroom. So, this is where you come in, blogger friends, (AND SERIOUSLY PLEASE HELP!!!)

I need you to do the following~

* go to Rate My Space
* create an account (yes, it's a pain, but if it helps us, it's worth it, right?)
* in the search area type moldy, mildewy
* use the pull down menu to choose bathrooms and hit enter
* my entry is the one that says "Worst Bathroom EVER! EWWWWWW"
* my user name is bwolf229
* look at my disgusting pictures (I'm embarrassed for people to see these, but maybe it'll help us get a bathroom redo that we desperately need)
* and RATE MY SPACE. I think the lower rating you get, the better chance you get at a redo (not sure though)

Seriously, please please please please please please please please help us! A ton of you look at my blog, and if you took just a minute out of your day to go and vote, we may actually have a chance. I want my daughter to be able to take a bath in a normal bath tub, and not have to worry about what she's being exposed to! Thanks!


Becky said...

I've rated it for you - good luck!!!