Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday ~>

It's that time again... already?? Now you get to find out all of the things I absolutely did not do this week (picture version)!

* I did not cut 2 inches off of hair off of my own head today at school while my children were watching Cinderella! Because school is NOT a beauty shop, and it's inappropriate to cut your hair while at work.

* I definitely did not spend an hour dressing, fighting, cajoling, sweet talking, pleading, and bribing my 21 month old to get her picture taken for our Christmas cards. She didn't decide to smash two of the ornaments together and shatter one of them. A 21 month old wouldn't have glass ornaments anway, because her college educated mother would know better than to give her one ~ even if it did add holiday spirit and cuteness to the picture!

* I will so totally not be scarfing down one of these meals on Sunday!

* Or any of this on Thursday

* This wouldn't go with the picture right above it... with a Jack Daniels honey glaze....

* I'm also not enjoying this Wednesday night after we arrive at my parent's house. Because I'm on a diet, and I am strictly watching what I eat... even during this holiday season.
* My MIL didn't purchase me a one pound box of Gertrude Hawk assorted truffles for part of my present, either!
* The ladies I work with and I didn't have a conversation today about how we couldn't wait to stand out on the bus landing tomorrow, and wave at the yellow stretch taxis that whisk the children off to their own little places for 5 whole days. Because none of us need a break! And none of us (in MckMama's words) have gone freakin postal on these little lovelies that refuse to listen!

* I wasn't mean, rude, and disrespectful by telling my husband that I don't want to have to eat at his parent's house this coming Saturday. I didn't complain that his mother's turkey is always dry, and her stuffing is gross. The sad thing is... my husband totally didn't agree with me!! :o) Because eating scrumptous food isn't something I look forward to on the holidays, and thinking about eating things that are gross to me doesn't put me in a semi-grumpy mood.
Well, that's it!! Head on over to MckMama's blog, and read some more fun stories of what people didn't do this week.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too! I won't be posting again until at least next Monday. I hope your Thanksgiving is awesome, tasty, wonderful, full of great memories, safe, and full of thankfullness to our great God for our many blessings!


Christy said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and for praying for Emma. We covet all the prayers we can get. They are the only thing that gets us through on some days. I hope you have a great, juicy turkey and yummy stuffing Thanksgiving! Blessings, Christy

Erica said...

Your daughter's picture is adorable! And that food is making me hungry!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!