Saturday, November 8, 2008

Teach Your Children Well {Parents Get Lessons Yourselves First}

The little girl I work with on the weekend and I went to see Madagascar 2. She wanted to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and I gave my greatest effort to talk her out of it. Now I wish that I would have listened to her suggestion! It's so sad how a couple rude children/parents can ruin a fun, enjoyable thing.

The first unenjoyable experience was the family sitting behind us. It was a mother and a dude (he pretty much sounded like he was not in to women, so I'm thinking he was just a tag-a-long), and then 4 small boys. Approximately 5 minutes in to the movie, all 4 of the boys were screaming their heads off because they didn't want to sit (being all under the age of 4, I can see why). Instead of watching the movie, they decided to spill their popcorn all over us, hang on the back of our seats, kick the back of seats, scream, cry, and yell. That pretty much ruined the movie in itsself. Then, the dude decided to get in on the action. I'm finally watching the movie (because they tag teamed the kids and they were finally semi-quiet), and Mr. Dude decides to say as loudly as he can "Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a hippooooooo would want to get with a girafeeeeee??? Like, soooooooo grooooooosssssssaaaaaaaaa. Makeeee me like-a pukeeeeeeaaaaa!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh". Of course Mom couldn't miss out on her chance to ruin it, either. One of the boys threw her keys, and she kept knocking in to our seats, and was asking loudly where they had put her keys. When she couldn't find them, she decided to tell the boys they were little s***s because they had lost her keys. I had it with them, and there was nowhere to move in the whole theater!

As if that wasn't enough to ruin a fun movie-going experience, some little brat decides to run up behind me while waiting in line to leave, and try to plow me over. He got past me, then tries to push past the woman in front of me. He didn't succeed in that attempt, and his mother grabbed him (while knocking in to me, surprise surprise). After we got out of the theater, we were walking down the ramp, and the brat struck again. He rammed in to me, and pushed me out of the way. I looked at him, and looked at his mother expecting her to say something to him. She had the nerve to roll her eyes and snort at me like it was my fault because I didn't get out of her kid's way!!! I looked at the little girl I work with and said, "Oh, I love it when rude parents allow their children to be rude and just push people out of the way".

In either case, if that would have been my child, there would have been a huge problem. My 20 month old already says excuse me (cue me), please (peeeeeeeaaaase), thank you (kank yew), bless you (besss yewwwww), and you're welcome (yewww wewcome). She says an occasional "mooooob" (move) when she wants around us because she hears us tell the dog to move. But, we instantly correct her, and make her say excuse me. It would be so nice if manners were still important in today's society. I'd be ashamed if my child acted like that out in public, and it would kill me to think that someone thought my kid was a brat. Sadly, people just don't care, and in all reality it isn't the kids fault because they just do what they're taught. When they aren't taught manners, how can you expect them to behave properly?


~*Mistee*~ said...

Bless your heart with the terrible movie experience! We went and saw BHC this weekend and I too was amazed at the manners of some people in the movie theater! :0(

On a better note, the movie was too cute!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!