Monday, November 24, 2008

New Digs for the Kid

So I entered a contest at Step Into the Sun to win my munchkin a new Christmas tree shirt and hair bow (both hand made, and totally adorable!). She would totally LOVE them because she is such a girly girl (yes already at 1 1/2), and loves having pitties (bows) in her hair. She asks me to put them in her head every day. Just look at that face.. how cute would she be in that shirt with matching bow? She'd be pretty spiffy, I think :o)


Jen said...

Thanks! She is sooooo cute! My daughter is the same way with the bows, that's why i started making them :-)

Jen said...

I do sell them, i am going to put some up on here eventually! I remember all to well spending a fortune on the darn things, so i don't charge much.

Becky said...

I hope she wins! She is so cute, and the Christmas pictures turned out adorable, even if one of the ornaments got smashed :)