Friday, November 7, 2008

Letter of Apology

My Dearest, Sweetest, Cutest Baby Girl,

Mommy is so so so so so so so very sorry that she forgot to get "beer" (that's how she says bear, no kidding) for you because you took him inside last night. I'm sorry that you have to stay at Frankie's all day, and have nothing to snuggle with, or rub against your nose while you suck your "sum" to go to sleep! Mommy feels horrible, guilty, and like a bad, bad Mommy! It made me feel even more guilty when you looked at me and gave me a big "I wove yewww" before Daddy took you inside. I hope you have a good day without anything to snuggle, and Mommy will make it up to you tonight with lots of extra snuggles!!

I love you, baby girl!