Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Husband is a Genius Dork

My husband likes to talk about his genius IQ (as does my MIL). My genius put his daughter's shoes on the right wrong feet, and did not notice. Should that occur if you're a genius? Yeah, I pretty much didn't think so, either!


Mom To Six said...

So glad you got the strike on the words working. :)


Shelly said...

my husbandy is genius-y too--and i find that an iq score doesn't reflect a common sense component =)

and if you're looking for tights--i get almost all of mine at target and use leggings all the time now in the winter months. i love gap's tights but can only buy them if they're on clearance =)

and i def. don't fix my girls' hair every day--usually just before a picture and then they rip out their barettes immediately =) ha!