Tuesday, November 11, 2008


there is an older gentlemen who brightens my day, every single day. he is always out walking his dog in the morning with his insulated thermos of coffee. he waves to every passerby with a huge grin, and a nice friendly shake of his hand. i love this. he makes me smile every morning. starting your day off with a smile is great. you can tell he's a happy man. it's also cute because he wears a knit hat with devil horns on it for halloween. i love seeing him wave to everyone because he doesn't discriminate. he waves to every.single.person.that.passes. not the good looking ones. not the skinny ones. not the white ones. not the black ones. not the young. not the old. everyone. how many of us could say that we'd give a frinedly grin and wave to everyone we passed? i found out that he used to be the pastor at a church we used to attend. i also found out that he was a great pastor, and a great support for the people of his church. just by looking at him, i can tell that he'd be a great person to lean on for support. he looks like a very Godly man (if you can tell by someone on the outside that they are Godly, he is the perfect example). willie thompson, thank you for making a snippet of my day wonderful. just driving by you, and seeing your friendly wave and big smile warms my heart. it seriously warms my heart.

*btw, his license plate reads "Rev WET" or revered william e. thompson... which i think is adorable.


Becky said...

Oh isn't that precious. I love this story...it makes me smile inside too :)

BTW, we were talking about Audrey Caroline and yeah, I stayed up way too late reading that blog a few weeks ago. I didn't want to read it anymore, but I just couldn't stop. I could hardly read because I was crying so hard. I lost twins when I was 9 weeks pregnant, and that was horrible...I can't image actually getting to look in their eyes and then having to say goodbye. UGH.