Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blurbs from the Sleep-Talking Hubster

My boy comes up with some pretty hilarious conversations while he's about ready to go to sleep, but he's not quite in a deep sleep. He had another funny one the other day, and I thought to myself "I should do a blog post about his funny responses!" And that, my friends, is exactly what I'm doing.

One day right after we got DirecTV, I couldn't figure out how to shut the stupid television off using the new remote. It was dark in the room, so I couldn't read what all of the little buttons on the remote said. I decided to ask AT how to turn the TV off so I would be able to get to sleep. I shook him, got a "hmmmf", and he rolled over. I tried again, and he asked what I needed. I told him my dilemma, and asked him what to do. His response was "gee whiz, you just wag your tail". HMMMMM.... I have a tail, do I? Nice to know after 26 years of living! I finally made him coherent enough to answer my question because I was laughing so hysterically that it woke him up.

Almost as soon as we moved in to our new house, he had another "episode". At first, it totally scared the living daylights out of me, but ended up being hilarious. After we had gone to bed, he was pretty much conked out, and I was still awake watching television (I knew how to turn it off by myself at that point, by the way). All of a sudden, he sits up and starts convulsing. I'm talking like shaking the whole bed convulsing. I asked him if I needed to call 911, and he didn't respond. He stopped, rolled over, and started snoring again like nothing had happened. A few minutes later, he did the same thing, so I shook him really hard and kept asking "Are you alright? Do I need to call an ambulance? Can you talk to me?". Once again, he all of a sudden stopped. This time, I didn't let him go back to sleep, and MADE him talk to me. I asked if he felt O.K., and his response was, "Yeah, if it wasn't for those damn birds chasing me!" This set of another hysterical laughing spell, it woke up him, he didn't know why I was laughing, I told him what he had just done, and he started to laugh hysterically, also.

So, two nights ago. AT has finally gotten a sleep study done, and got a C-PAP machine for his sleep apnea. The only problem is getting him to put the mask on if he's really sleepy. He was laying there snoring away; and I asked him if he had his water tank cleaned and filled so he could put his mask on, turn the machine on, then go to sleep. He's like "yes, my conference is ready to go on, so leave me alone" He was more aware of what was going on because he sits up, looks at me and asks, "Did I just tell you that my conference was ready to go on my face?" I confirmed that he had just said those words, and he's like... could you tell what I was thinking about? (He had a conference with a parent the next morning).

There are other times he's said silly stuff, too. One time he told me about an eggplant. But the first two are my favorite!


Grace said...

Too funny!

Mc Allen said...

ahahaha, I do the very same thing.. You need to keep a journal and write them all down, some are halirious!! My husband is wanting to do the sleep study, I know he has it... Cute post!! LA