Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spelling/Grammar Check is Imperative, People!

My husband and I both have jobs in the education field; which means that we receive TONS of emails daily regarding a myriad of school related subjects. Also, being the nosey wifey that I am, I check his email for him (oh, sorry I snoop in his email... yeah, that's better). I like to see which of my former students got in trouble or were absent on a particular day, and to basically just be nosey (I hate to admit it, but it's true). As I was reading an email sent out to him today, I noticed that his VP (vice principal), who LOVES to tell people that she has a Masters in Education, walks around with a huge chip on her shoulder, and thinks she is Queen Bee when the real boss-man isn't around, needs to learn a thing or two about grammar check. Here is her email~

Remember it is not too early to be thinking of whom you judge and who you volunteer will be. Solicit the most involved and excited parent! There is a coaches training they have to complete.

Frankly, I'd be mortified if I sent that message to anyone without the bragging in my signature that I have MS Ed. But, to have that title after your signature, and to send an email like that..... she needs to be told about herself.

Here's another from one of the teachers at MY school ~

Attached is the form that you must sign and turn in to [our secretary]. If it be handled in the next couple of days it would be appreciated.

Are you seriously kidding me? And we claim to give our children a "quality education"?? If you heard a teacher or administrator speaking in that manner, would you want your child to attend that school? How about teachers and admin learning to speak/write correctly before we go around telling about the education we provide for our students!