Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday :o)

Yay!! It's that time of the week again! Here is what I didn't do this week ~
* I so totally did not freak out loudly when the Steelers won yesterday. I didn't freak out louder and didn't yell at the TV when they took the last touchdown away.
* I didn't take my girl outside, and cover her in leaves just to get a few really cute pictures. My little girl also didn't have a major allergy attack after being covered in said leaves; and Mommy didn't feel bad at all.
* I didn't laugh uncontrollably when, in the middle of a lesson, one of my students ripped a loud, smelly fart. Because I am an adult, and farts aren't funny.... especially not when you're in the middle of a story, the room is completely quiet except for one child reading, and the kid's eyes get the size of quarters. It wasn't a funny situation at all.
* I am not purchasing red, sparkly shoes for my kiddo for her Christmas dress. And, I'm not the least bit excited about it.
* Being invited to an Advent dinner at my parent's church the Sunday after Thanksgiving hasn't gotten me all giddy with excitement. It's just a dinner, after all, and it's nothing to be excited about.
* While picking our munchkin up from the babysitter on Friday, I totally didn't miss the last step and make a hard, crash landing on the cement. I also didn't sprawl out for the rest of the parents to see. It was a totally graceful thing, I swear it was. As you can tell, I'm not clutzy.
* My child's mouth didn't get stuffed full of "dold shish" yesterday in church so she would sit down, and shut up. She wasn't yelling loudly in the sanctuary "Yook, Mama, yights... pitty yights". She also didn't see a baby in front of us and demand to hold the "baby doll" because he was "cuke". When she was told she couldn't have the baby, she totally didn't scream out loud, and the congregation of about 100 didn't stare for about 2 minutes. I also definitely didn't deserve this horrifying experience because I don't make my child sit in church so everyone can see my cute kid. It doesn't fill me with pride when people compliment us on how adorable and smart she is.
* I'm not excited that we have exactly 1 week from tomorrow with children, then get a 5 day break. I haven't been counting down the days since October.
*I wasn't a bad wife, and pretended to be doing something was working really hard on something while my husband dealt with a screaming, tired child. I hadn't had enough of her tantrums, and didn't decide that it was his turn since he doesn't deal with them very often and it was high time he had a turn because I had something important to do.
I think I've confessed enough about all of the stuff I didn't do the last week. Head on over to MckMama's Blog to see more great posts!!


Erica said...

I like your blog! The leaves thing sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm bookmarking you in my blog list =)!