Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lay Off, Dude!!

My husband has incessantly been making fun of me about a comment I made to Miss Biz on Sunday. Reeeeewind to Sunday late-ish afternoon ~

Biz woke up from an overly extensive nap (I'm talking like 4 1/2 hour nap, which is crazy for her). I could tell she was still sleepy, and knew that the temper tantrums were festering inside of her just waiting for the correct moment to be released in one gigantic wooosh. She saw a hat, wanted it on immediately (the child has her father's patience level, so immediately means this second or watch out). I didn't even get the chance to say, "Ok, Mommy will put your hat on, let me get it", and the temper tantrums wreaked havoc on our nice snuggle. She wailed, she tried to hit, she screamed, she tried to throw herself on the floor; it was an all out doozy. After some stern converation, asking if there needed to be a time out or spanking, and the calming down of a princess, we had a conversation about being nice. I was holding her again, and I told her "Jesus wants you to be a nice girl. It makes Jesus sad when you're not sweet, and you scream, hit, and throw yourself on the floor". She looked at me and goes "Beshush, nice giwl" "Yes, Biz, Jesus wants you to be a nice girl". I thought, why not tell her that Jesus wants her to be nice, and doesn't like when she throws temper tantrums. It's just another way to let her know that she needs to control herself (at 20 months, I know that isn't going to happen, but still I'm going to try everything I can to make her understand). Well, my hubster heard our convo (which I didn't know), and here are just some of the comments I've gotten out of his loud mouth the last 2 days

~ Biz, if you don't eat all of your food, you're going to make Jesus sad, and you'll go to hell
~ Sissy, if you don't lay down and go to sleep, Jesus will be sad with you
~ Munchkins, Jesus is going to be sad if you pull Coley's fur

He's nonstop. He told me that I made it seem like she was going to hell if she wasn't nice. I know that she's not going to be nice. I'm 28 and I'm not nice all the time! He's taking it a little too far, but he's doing it in a silly, goofy, let's make fun of your mommy for being overly concerned about how you act way. I thought I had a good point, and a good lesson for her. And, now I'm constantly being made fun of!! :(


Becky said...

That is too funny! I say whatever works, go with it!!!!
I'm 28 too...LOL