Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not Me Monday

So, it's that time again (well, a little early, but still)!! The best part about this Not Me! Monday is that God's little miracle, Stellan, has been born, he's healthy, and he's going home!!! What an awesome God we have! So, here goes nothing ~
* I did not do this post at 7:51pm EST Sunday
night so I didn't have to bother with it tomorrow after dealing with my class who will be hyped up on the gajillion pounds of candy they got this weekend. Cuz 20 crazy, wacky, bouncing off the walls children aren't hard to deal with!
* I did not take tons of pictures of my hilarious daughter eating chocolate icing because she stole it from me while baking.
* I totally didn't cringe at the sound of Christmas music at Wal-Mart yesterday. Hearing CHRISTMAS music the day after Halloween didn't bug me one bit, nope it didn't!
* I haven't said a super gazillion times in the last week that I can't wait for Thanksgiving Break to get here..... so, get here pronto! It's not like I need a small 5 day break or anything!
* I didn't go visit a 6 week old baby, take one whiff of her newborn smelling little head, and want another newborn that instant. We're waiting until our punkins is 3 or 4 before we want another one, so I didn't think twice about wanting another one right now!
* I totally still haven't slacked off in the writing lesson plans/grading papers department. Who needs to write lesson plans and grade papers anyway? I'm not about 5 weeks behind ~ NOT ME!
* I didn't decide that I wanted coffee from McDonalds, saw the HUGE line at the drive-thru, proceeded to run inside to get in line, saw that line was huge, noticed a person I knew at the front of this said long line, proceeded to go up to her, asked her to please get me my coffee, handed her my money, went to have a chat with her daughter while I waited, have her hand me my coffee that I didn't wait in line for, all while about 15 people were standing in line that I should have been behind (wow that's a long one). As a teacher, I should know that cutting in line is a huge no-no, right? NOT! Especially not when you NEED good, hot coffee on a chilly morning! It was necessary, people!
* I did not let a bad word slip out of my mouth (munchkin was not present, but I still am not a big swearer) when I was LEGALLY passing someone (nothing was coming on the other side of the road, I checked 5 times), and a lady on her friggin cell phone decided to pull out of a road directly in front of me while I was using the opposite lane to pass a slow-poke! I didn't get scared at all, and didn't think I was going to slam in to someone and be seriously injured. Can they just make some type of device to prevent people from using their cell phones while they're driving?? It's dangerous!
* I did not spend $40 on hair bows for my princess on Saturday.... bows that match almost 95% of all of the outfits she has so she can have pretties in her hair every day. My husband didn't flip out, either. I plead NOT GUILTY! (Actually, I plead guilty of accessorizing my insanely cute daughter's head) When you're a princess, you have to be uber cute all the time!
* And, lastly, I did not see some of the most gorgeous, vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows while driving to visit the insanely cute 6 week old. I'm talkin colors I haven't seen many places this entire fall. They took my breath away. Thank you, God, for painting the trees gorgeous colors for us all to enjoy~ just another way that you show us your undying love.
Phew.... I'm not done..... Head on over to STELLAN's Mommy's Blog to see other posts!!!


Pam said...

You should see my daughter's head! I've went way over that amount you didn't spend!! Oh, I mean... I DIDN't Go way over that amount you didn't spend!! LOL!!

Oh, and the Christmas music in walmart WASN'T driving me crazy today either!! UHG!!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

A girl HAS to accessorize. Men just don't understand that. Great post!

Kameron said...

Just thinking of newborn smell gets me ready to have another one! I am with you on that! I hope my next one is a girl so I can spend way too much money on ruffley things like bows!