Monday, December 7, 2009

good guy

i have been blessed with an absolutely amazing husband. there are so many women in the world that unfortunately cannot say they have a husband who loves them for who and what they are, and who tries his absolute hardest every day to take care of them and do as much as he can for them. my husband puts in 150% effort every day to take care of me, and our little munchkin. he cooks, cleans, does laundry, and watches our munch on the weekends when i work my second job(s). he lets me sleep in each morning and packs my lunch for me, and does little things all the time to show that he loves taking care of his girls. yes, there are bad times (sometimes way more than i like to admit), we fight, get on each other's nerves, and aren't always the nicest we can possibly be to each other. but, at the end of the day, i fall more in love with him and i thank God for blessing me by giving him to me forever. i have a good guy, and i'm so thankful for him! <3