Sunday, November 1, 2009

love, opinions, and thoughts

so you know that i am getting myself on the right path to lose weight. i found a couple things that i love to help me in this endeavor. those things would be:

* a christian website that focuses on making God your priority to get your life straight in many areas. even losing weight. awesome. *thanks erica!
* you can go on there and enter any food imaginable and the serving size and it'll give you all the nutrition info. you need on that food.
*calorie king book. good stuff. it just backs up nutrition

i am trying to decide on whether to follow weight watchers online or just strictly count calories. what do you think is the best route to go?

are there any other excercises you can suggest besides walking on a treadmill to get this weight off? i tried the ellipticals at the YMCA and i hate them. with a passion. i need to do something to mix it up, and am too embarassed right now to go to an aerobics class or something like that.

i'm on a good track. i hope i stay there. i can do it!