Saturday, October 24, 2009


my husband and i are very richly blessed. we are blessed beyond comprehension. when we first got married, we had a grand time going out and spending money racking up our credit cards buying stuff we didn't need, going out to dinner, and all kinds of other nonsense. then when we bought our house, we "needed" to buy things for the house to make it ours, and spent even more money we didn't have. it took a couple of years, but we got slammed. really hard, too. we are still paying for our stupid mistakes, and have learned a huge lesson. along with our stupid-ness, my husband and daughter haven't been the healthiest people, either. AT has had ER visit after ER visit, kidney stone surgery after kidney stone surgery, and other doctor's visits dealing with the like. our munchkin has had ear infection, ear infection, ear infection, hospital stay, ER visit, ER visit, ER visit, bronchitis, asthma, tubes, fever after fever, you get the drift. i got braces put on, and have had some other issues dealing with the medical side of things, too. so, all of this combined led to us being seriously, dangerously in debt. we didn't realize how many medical bills we had and how much money we owed everyone until the bills started flowing in. and we couldn't pay them because of our credit card debt. so we broke down, did credit counseling, and our cards will be taken care of in the next 2 1/2 years. now we are working on getting all of the medical bills paid off. so many of them have been sent to collections it's not even funny (stace, i know you feel me on the medical side.... in a more major way than we have dealt with, too). then our bathroom decided to grow mold and mildew, and we need that redone because it can't be safe for any of us.... especially our little princess who has severe allergies (we've been bleaching down the mold, so it has been staying away, but the mildew is still there). did i mention that our roof blew off in last february, our heat pump quit working two years ago and we needed a new one, and our one dog who we no longer have destroyed the carpet and most of the doors in the house... so we had to have new carpet put in, too? a little overwhelming, huh? it seems like we have been hit. hard. really really hard. when i think about it all, i get choked up because it seems like one bad thing after another happens. we were going to use our income tax check last year to get the bathroom done. then we ended up having to spend almost half of that to get the sewer lines cleaned out because they were spewing raw sewage in to our yard this past summer. now we have to wait until this IRS check to get the bathroom done. we also need a new fridge because ours is as old as the hills and it leaks some kind of light green goo.

amidst all of this crap, we have never failed to see how God's hand provides for His children. my husband's mom and step dad have given us a lot of money (new heat pump, money for the kid, dance class for the kid). and, my parents have been helping us in a major way, too. they are helping send our precious girl to her new school because they knew how badly we wanted to get her out of her last babysitters. they also just called today and said that our christmas and birthday presents would consist of a new fridge. i am excited beyond belief. and so thankful. God has also provided me with two extra jobs to help make ends meet, and my husband also got put on a team this year that will make him $200 extra/month. we are trying our to get ourselves out of our hole.... and it's slowly happening. and we are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. but, in our most desperate, frustrating times, we have never failed to see His hand.... guiding, protecting, and providing for us. He is amazing.


Grace said...

Amazing post Bri! I sware sometimes God slips money into our checking account!

Erica said...

Sometimes it's so hard for me to have faith, but then He always provides for us in some crazy way! This is something that has been in my prayers and on my heart a lot lately. We are way in debt and I'm praying my husband and I can get on the same page for dealing with it.

I'm happy for you that you have so many blessings poured out on your family!